American Luxury Limousine | Ventura County Fair

limo-service-in-venturaThe Ventura County Fair is coming soon and there is so much on the agenda that you won’t know where to begin. It’s that time of year when we at Ventura Limo begin to book limos to and from the fair for our clients. Where they enjoy a musical performance, feed a goat, enter a contest, and eat their way through lots and lots of yummy food.

There are great rides to enjoy and some gourmet food and wine tasting. One can snack on carnival favorites like cotton candy, funnel cake, and spiral fries. Take a break in the fancy gardens in the Floriculture department and take an easy stroll through all the displays and exhibits. Why not enter a cooking contest? or a pie-eating contest? What is more down-home country fun than that? The grandstands will provide rodeos and free concerts along with many of our Ventura Limo client’s favorite, the tradition of fireworks over the ocean.

ventura-limousineThere is something for Everyone at the Ventura County Fair! We at Ventura Limousine hope you will visit and enjoy what there is to offer, whether you stop by for 1 day or all 12! From corn dogs to bull riding, there is something for everyone’s taste. The live entertainment will include Rock, R&B, Country, Hispanic, and more. All are free with your paid admission! In fact, if you book a limo service in Ventura, we will buy the tickets!

There is something about a Saturday morning in the summertime. A start to the weekend with your family couldn’t be better. On August 8th visit the downtown area and enjoy the Ventura County Parade. It will include classic cars, marching bands, horses, clowns, politicians, dancers, and school groups. A summertime fun tradition that can become a memory you won’t soon forget.

limo-in-venturaBe sure to visit the Livestock Center that houses all the 4H and FFA projects and farm animals. It truly adds the country feel to the Fair and offers up facilities to the exhibitors so they can present their animals in a clean and welcoming environment. Feel free while strolling the Livestock Center to chat with the exhibitors and volunteers and ask any questions about the animals, agriculture, and their participation.

Every year we at Ventura Limousine are inspired by the fun exhibits on display in Agriculture, Floriculture, Amateur Art, Hobbies & Collections, Horse Shows, Photography, Professional Art, and Livestock… See what your family, friends, and neighbors have entered in the Fair, or make an entry of your own! Be sure to if you are looking for a limo service in Ventura to keep us in mind. It’s always fun to take a Ventura Limo to and from the Fair, as there is no headache of traffic or parking and you can begin the fun when picked up at your door. Call Us Today at (866) 319-LIMO & Check Us Out on YELP!


American Luxury Limousine | Ventura County Fair

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