6 Best Things To Do in Moorpark, California!

Moorpark limo servicesAmerican Luxury Limousine has served the community of Moorpark, California with limos for over 20 years. Here we transfer people by limousines or party buses to Los Angeles, LAX and various places throughout Ventura County. Besides the traditional limo transportation, we are also a provider of wine-tasting tours, party bus nights on town, rides to Vegas, and more. Having been part of this great community for decades, let our limo services present “6 Best Things To Do in Moorpark!”

6. Great Dining

Maria's Family Restaurant on High StreetDespite what many may believe, limo outings to various eateries in town are very common. Looking for Middle-Eastern kabob? Try the top rated eatery here on Yelp, Moorpark Kabob Kitchen! How about Italian? Carrara Pastries is an Italian cafe serving town’s best desserts. This is also the best rated restaurant in town on TripAdvisor. How about Peruvian? See the exotic Amazon Peruvian Restaurant on Princeton Ave! Yummy Hawaiian BBQ has the town’s best Hawaiian cuisine, while Wood Ranch BBQ is your best bet for American barbecue. Lalo’s Mexican Food, Don Cuco and Gutierrez Mexican Restaurant are three options for local Mexican eateries.

5. World Class Golf

Known to have one the region’s best golf courses, trying out some golfing is nearly a necessity when visiting town. Style it up with a limo and a round of golf! The top rated golf courses in town are:

• Tierra Rejada Golf Club (15187 Tierra Rejada Road)
• Rustic Canyon Golf Course (15100 Happy Camp Canyon Road)
• Moorpark Country Club (11800 Championship Drive)

4. Outdoor Adventures

Happy Camp Canyon Regional Park in Moorpark, California
Happy Canyon Regional Park

13650 Broadway Road

There are over 20 parks in town, including one of Ventura County’s largest regional parks, namely Happy Camp Canyon Regional Park. This park offers 12 miles of trails in 3,000 acres of natural beauty. Nearly twice the size of Wildwood Regional Park in Thousand Oaks, this park is nearly untouched and gives a glimpse of how Southern California once looked like. The main entrance is found at the east end of Broadway Road. Wildwood Park can be accessed via nearby Santa Rosa Valley Park, a park which also offers trails to Hill Canyon and Newbury Park.

3. Visiting the Zoo

7075 Campus Road

Ranked the second-best activity in town by TripAdvisor and Yelp reviewers, America’s Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College is a must. Besides the weekly animal shows, come by any day for a chance to see African lions, alligators, tigers, tortoises, eagles, prairie wolves, and lots of other exotic species. Over two hundred animals can be seen at the zoo. Safari campout for kids are also available here during summer. While getting limousines to the zoo is not the most trending, we often have college students here reserving party bus rides.

2. Pick Your Own Fruit

3370 Sunset Valley Road

Ranked the best activity in town by TripAdvisor, Underwood Family Farms is a unique Moorpark adventure. One of the county’s most popular farms offers pick-your-own berries and fruits, live animal shows, equestrian riding, pumpkin patches, and even tractor rides for children. This is also by far the most signature Moorpark experience. Did you know this agricultural community once was nicknamed “Home of the Apricot” by the Chamber of Commerce? The first settlers in what then was known as Fremontville and Epworth were all farmers. Try a day of tractor- and limo rides with the kids!

1. Excido Escape Room

6593 Collins Drive

The best rated activity in town may be a surprise to many; users on Yelp have ranked the Excido Escape Room as the best activity in town. In this game up to six people are locked in a room for up to 45 minutes while trying to escape and finding their way out. Raise against the clock while trying to escape captivity! Particularly popular for groups of friends traveling here by party bus, Excido is also visited by limos for birthday party celebrations and other social gatherings. Why not call some friends, book a limousine and check out the escape room!

City Library of Moorpark, CASee Also: Best Movies Filmed in Moorpark, California! (#2)

For any destination by Moorpark limos or anywhere else in Southern California, choose our limo services for the best service. We now also offer a price-match-guarantee on all limousine and party bus rides in the region. Whether for wedding transfers, a ride to LAX, a night on town, wine-tasting tours, or any other event, add a limo to make your day memorable and special.

6 Best Things To Do in Moorpark, California!

Best Movies Filmed In Westlake Village!

top-best-movies-filmed-in-westlake-village.pngFor a city of barely 8,500 residents, the city of our limo- and party bus services, Westlake Village, has a remarkable cinematic history and has been featured in over 100 movies and TV-series. From American Pie to The Karate Kid, in this article we will highlight our favorite movie scenes filmed right here in Westlake. Straddling the Ventura-LA County border, Westlake is situated at the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. Known for its wealth, celebrity residents, lake and home of multimillion dollar companies such as Dole, Westlake is amongst the most affluent suburbs of Los Angeles. While two-thirds of Westlake Village has been annexed by Thousand Oaks, the remaining one-third of Westlake has established its own independent city: City of Westlake Village in LA County. Westlake Village has been described as one of America’s wealthiest cities by Money Magazine, and according to the FBI, Westlake is also among the safest communities in the country. With nearly 38 percent of the population having an annual household income of over $150,000, Westlake ranks as one of the wealthiest areas in both Ventura- and Los Angeles Counties. According to Los Angeles Times, Westlake has the 15th highest median income in LA County as of 2017, outranking Agoura Hills, Calabasas and even Beverly Hills! American Luxury Limousine is located in Westlake and offers Thousand Oaks party bus and limousine rentals to all of Southern California.

Scene from The Karate Kid (1984) outside Hyatt Westlake Plaza

With its beautiful surrounding nature areas, close proximity to Hollywood and mild Mediterranean climate, Westlake is an ideal place for movie-productions. Having been located here for twenty years, American Luxury Limousine is proud to offer limo services to Westlake Village and surrounding areas. Conveniently located just 16 miles from Malibu and the Pacific Ocean, Malibu wine tours are popular for residents here. Another recent trend for limousine rental and Thousand Oaks party bus clientele is to explore the local places where their favorite movies were filmed. Whether for a romantic night for two or a Thousand Oaks party bus night out in Hollywood, renting a limousine rental can make any day and any event memorable. We are proud that our limousine rental service is rated “The #5 best thing to do in Westlake Village” by TripAdvisor. Let us present to you our list of “best movies filmed in Westlake Village”!

Westlake Village Inn is featured in xXx (2002)

A beloved movie for many is American Pie (1999). What many don’t realize is that the location of prom night in the movie actually was filmed here in Westlake, in a house located at 410 Lake Sherwood Drive. The house is mostly hidden from the road, but clients have booked limo services to stop by here for pictures. Lake Sherwood is actually named for Sherwood Forest in Robin Hood, as both Robin Hood (1922) and The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) were both filmed here. The Sherwood Country Club is also featured in Bridesmaids (2011) as the place where Lillian’s engagement party took place! Other movies filmed in Lake Sherwood includes Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here (1970), Billy the Kid Returns (1938), The Last Mohicans (1936), King of Texas Rangers (1941) and many more. Closer to town is where scenes from The Karate Kid (1984) were filmed. The Encino Oaks Country Club, where Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) goes to get Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue) for their date, is actually Hyatt Westlake Plaza! This hotel was also featured as the fictional El Cañon Country Club in Tuff Turf (1985). The hotel looks identical still today, and many customers like to get their photos taken here after arriving in a Thousand Oaks party bus or limo at the hotel. Another hotel to be featured in movies is the Westlake Village Inn. This hotel functions as the Capital Country Club in the film xXx (2002), where Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) steals a Corvette.

Several movies have scenes from Westlake High School

You may have recognized the San Angeles Police Department from the film Demolition Man (1993). This was actually filmed at the Prudential Building on Thousand Oaks Blvd., another popular stop for limo services in town. Furthermore, an office building close to our limousine rental headquarters on 2550 Willow Lane was used as the emergency dispatch center in the film The Call (2013). The car trunk scenes from the movie was filmed inside these office facilities. Numerous movies have scenes from Westlake High School, including Gridiron Gang (2006), A Friend to Die For (1994) and Magic Kid II (1994). The adobe home of Jane Adler (Meryl Streep) in the movie It’s Complicated (2009) is also located here, at 714 West Potrero Rd. Located nearby is also Kieran Vollard’s (Jemaine Clement) ranch in the movie Dinner for Schmucks (2010), which is located at 1313 West Potrero Rd. Both of these are located high up in Santa Monica Mountains, a popular destination for Malibu wine tours with limos or party bus vehicles as well. One of the wineries we often serve on Malibu wine tours include Malibu Family Farms. Movies have also been filmed on their vineyards, the Saddlerock Ranch. Some movies filmed here include The Girl of the Golden West (1938) and California (1947). This winery isn’t just a filming location, but offers its own safari wine tours!

Scene from American Pie (1999) filmed in Westlake

The governor’s mansion in the movie Black Sheep (1996) is also located in the Hidden Valley area, located at 874 West Potrero Rd. Just a few of the other movies filmed in Hidden Valley include Commando (1985), Roadhouse (1989), Come On, Tarzan (1932) and many, many more. Did you for example know that the zoo in We Bought a Zoo (2011) actually is the Greenfield Ranch? Or that the lake house in Geography Club (2013) is the Canyon Ranch, located at 368 E. Carlisle Road? The Steaming Springs Country Club in the movie Invitation to Hell (1984) is really the North Ranch Country Club, located at 4761 Valley Spring Drive. The fictional Woodlake City Hall in Gidget Gets Married (1972) is in fact the Westlake Village Business Park.

Numerous old classics were also filmed in the area. The prison in King Rat (1965) was for example situated where the Westlake dam is now located. A western classic, Rainbow Over Texas (1946), was also filmed here, in a ranch located at 426 W. Potrero Road. French Ranch is one of many ranches used for filming in the Hidden Valley region. Movies filmed at French Ranch include The Lone Ranger (1956), The Man In the Saddle (1951), Hawaiian Buckaroo (1938), Thunder Over Texas (1934) and others. Yet another Westlake ranch, Russell Ranch on Triunfo Canyon Road, was a popular place for filming classics. Some movies filmed here include Flying Tigers (1942), State Affair (1945), Apache (1954), The Tall Stranger (1957), The Command (1954), and many more. Episodes of Buck Rogers, Bonanza, Gunsmoke and Tarzan were also filmed within city limits.

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Whether you are looking for a cinematic tour of Westlake, Malibu wine tours, wedding transportation or maybe a Thousand Oaks party bus for a night of fun in Hollywood, contact your local Westlake limo service today for an affordable & luxurious ride. We are proud to be one of few LA limo services to offer an exclusive price guarantee, which guarantees customers the lowest rates available. Our price-match-guarantee is available for Thousand Oaks party bus rentals, Malibu wine tours, wedding transportation, LAX drop-offs, and all other transfers.

Hyatt Westlake Plaza appeared in The Karate Kid (1984)
Best Movies Filmed In Westlake Village!

Best Movies Filmed in Thousand Oaks!

best-movies-filmed-in-thousand-oaksHundreds of Hollywood movies and TV-productions have been filmed in Thousand Oaks. Cinematic tours by limo services in town have become very popular. Despite what you might have thought, Conejo Valley with its canyons, mountains, fields and scenic nature is a Hollywood favorite for filming. Did you for example know that the British film Lassie Come Home (1943) was filmed in Wildwood Regional Park? Or that a hillside by California Lutheran University (CLU) was used in the filming of Spartacus? Few people know that the zoo featured in We Bought a Zoo (2011) actually was Greenfield Ranch in southern Newbury Park! From a gas station in Thelma & Louise (1991) to the home in It’s Complicated (2009), Conejo Valley has been seen in tons of movies! Tours to various filming locations are tremendously popular for even LAX transfers and LA limo services. From the most recent movies and TV-shows to the old classics, this is our list of best movies short in Ventura County’s Conejo Valley!


San Andreas Police Department in Demolition Man (1993) is in Thousand Oaks

While many may know that the neighborhood and home in Poltergeist (1982) is located in nearby Simi Valley, did you know that scenes for the movie actually also was filmed at the Holiday Inn in Thousand Oaks? The actual house and residential area is a popular destination for limo services in Simi Valley, where clients take a limousine to 4267 Roxbury Street to see the house and neighborhood from the famous horror movie. Have you ever thought the location of Lillian’s engagement party looked familiar in the film Bridesmaids (2011)? This was actually the Sherwood Country Club on W. Stafford Road! This place is a common destination for our limousine service. You may also recognized the locale in the hospital scene in Click (2006) featuring Adam Sandler, which also was filmed here in Thousand Oaks. Furthermore, the San Angeles Police Department in the film Demolition Man (1993) is actually Baxter Pharmaceutical on 1 Baxter Way in Westlake Village! Car stunt scenes from both the Dukes of Hazzard film (2005) and TV-series (1979-1985) were filmed off Potrero Road in Hidden Valley. Why not order a Thousand Oaks party bus to bring your friends along on a cinematic tour to Hidden Valley by limo bus?


Mr. Nottingham’s palace in Bedtime Stories (2008) is on a hill in T.O.

A place often checked out with limo services or even Thousand Oaks party bus vehicles is Ventura Farms on 235 W. Potrero Rd. This was the location of the Carrington stables which appeared in numerous episodes of Dynasty (1981-1989). The Hidden Valley area has been used for filming many movies and TV-series. Recently we transferred people here to film an episode of the Biggest Looser (2004-2016) where they ran from Hidden Valley to Camarillo. Just a few of the movies filmed in Hidden Valley include Commando (1985), Come On, Tarzan (1932), Roadhouse (1989), Doctor Doolittle (1967) and Lassie Come Home (1943). More recent movies and TV-series includes Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007), American Horror Story (2011-), Beverly Hills, 90210 (1992) and Columbo (1971). Come On, Tarzan (1932) was for the most part filmed at French Ranch, another popular place for limousine service travelers and even movie enthusiasts utilizing LAX transfers. Other movies filmed at French Ranch include Law and Lawless (1932), The Lone Ranger (1956), Border of Outlaws (1950), The Californian (1937), Rainbow Riders (1934) and many more.


The filming of Gunsmoke in Wildwood

Lassie Come Home (1943) was in large part also filmed in Hidden Valley, but also includes scenes shot in Wildwood Regional Park. You may have thought Dodge City in Gunsmoke (1955-1975) looked familiar, particularly if you enjoy hiking. This fictional city was actually also located in Wildwood. Other TV-series to be filmed in Wildwood include Bonanza (1959-1973), which was filmed at the former Janss Conejo Ranch in Wildwood, along with other Western-favorites such as the Rifleman (1958-1963), the Big Valley (1965-1969) and Wagon Train (1957-1965). Movies filmed in Wildwood includes Flaming Star (1960) featuring Elvis Presley, Gunsight Ridge (1957), the Wrapes of Wrath (1940), Duel in the Sun (1946), Wuthering Heights (1939), Clearing the Range (1931), Flaming Frontier (1958), To the Shores of Iwo Jima (1945) and the Horse Soldiers (1959). Despite its story taking place in Japan, many will be surprised to hear that most of the movie Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) was actually shot at a private ranch here in Thousand Oaks. Order a party bus and come see the ranch for yourself!


Lake Sherwood is named after Sherwood Forest in Robin Hood (1922), which was filmed here

Did you know the community of Lake Sherwood actually is named for Sherwood Forest in Robin Hood? As most of the film Robin Hood (1922) was filmed in Lake Sherwood, the residents decided Lake Sherwood would be an appropriate name for the new community. Later, the movie the Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) was also filmed here as well as Tarzan the Ape Man (1932), which used wild animals transported from Goebel Lion Farm in Thousand Oaks. No wonder “Robin Hood Park” in Lake Sherwood is such a popular destination for our Thousand Oaks party bus service! Some additional movies filmed in Lake Sherwood include The Last Mohicans (1932), Galloping Romeo (1933), The Cowboy and the Kid (1936), Way Out West (1937), Red River Renegades (1946), Three Hours To Kill (1954), Old Yeller (1958), and many others.

While this one may be harder to recognize and not exactly an LAX transfers destination for tourists, the mansion of Skeeter’s boss in the film Bedtime Stories (2008) is located on 2300 White Stallion Rd. in Thousand Oaks. You may have watched the TV-series 24 (2001-2010, 2014) without realizing that president Charles Logan’s home in season five and six is actually Ventura Farms in Hidden Valley. Furthermore, the former Rancho Conejo Airport in Newbury Park was used to film the airport scenes of the movie It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963). While scenes from the TV-show M*A*S*H (1972-1984) were filmed at Malibou Lake, scenes from the Grapes of Wrath (1940) was filmed at Janss Conejo Ranch in today’s Wildwood Park. While getting a limousine service to California Lutheran University might be most popular for dates and friends outings, we have also transferred Thousand Oaks party bus and limousine service renters here to see the scenes from their favorite movie, Spartacus (1960) which was filmed in the hillside right behind the university. Before California Lutheran University even was built, movies as Welcome To The Hard Times (1967) was filmed where the university now is located. Also nearby is where limo services visit the site of the ranch in The Rifleman tv-series. Another popular place in T.O. for film-enthusiasts is to visit the JMJ Ranch on Potrero Rd. to see where scenes from Teen Wolf (2011-) were filmed. We recently even had a birthday spent onboard a Thousand Oaks party bus visiting film locations in Hidden Valley, including where Teen Wolf was filmed.

Many other Thousand Oaks-based ranches have been features in classic Western movies. Some were filmed at Ventura Farms at 555 W Potrero Rd. These include In Old Kentucky (1935), Rainbow Over Texas (1946) featuring Roy Rogers, Sons of New Mexico (1950), and many others. An unnamed ranch at 426 W. Potrero Rd was used for filming Rainbow Over Texas (1946). At the former Conejo Valley Airport is where The Paleface (1948) and Riders of Whistling Pines (1949) amongst others were filmed. At Greenfield Ranch (1388 W. Potrero Rd) is where Down Argentine Way (1940) was filmed, while much of the TV-series Fury (1955-1960) was done at the former Jungleland. Hondo and the Apaches (1967) was in large part filmed at the former MGM Ranch in Hill Canyon in Newbury Park. Hill Canyon can be visited by driving – or taking a limousine service, – to Rancho Conejo Playfield. Another ranch, Joel McCrea Ranch at 4500 N. Moorpark Road, was used for the filming of The Great Man’s Lady (1942).

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Whether you’d like a cinematic tour by limo services of the Conejo Valley or just LAX transfers, we can help you! We have been located in the city for over twenty years now and service all of Southern California with regional offices in cities such as Ventura, Simi Valley, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Santa Barbara. Whether you want a limo or party bus in Thousand Oaks or any other Ventura County city, we can take you to the sets from your favorite movies, head out on town for a night of fun or any other activity you may have in mind.


Best Movies Filmed in Thousand Oaks!

American Luxury Limousine | Ventura County Fair

limo-service-in-venturaThe Ventura County Fair is coming soon and there is so much on the agenda that you won’t know where to begin. It’s that time of year where we at Ventura Limo begin to book limos to and from the fair for our clients. Where they enjoy a musical performance, feed a goat, enter in a contest, and eat your way through lots and lots of yummy food. There are great rides to enjoy and some gourmet food and wine tasting. One can snack on carnival favorites like cotton candy, funnel cake, and spiral fries. Take a break in the fancy gardens in the Floriculture department and take an easy stroll through all the displays and exhibits. Why not enter a cooking contest? or a pie eating contest? What is more down home country fun than that. The grandstands will provide rodeos and free concerts along with many of our Ventura Limo clients favorite, the tradition of fireworks over the ocean.

ventura-limousineThere is something for Everyone at the Ventura County Fair! We at Ventura Limousine hope you will visit and enjoy what there is to offer, whether you stop by for 1 day or all 12! From corn dogs to bull riding, there is something for everyone’s taste. The live entertainment will include Rock, R&B, Country, Hispanic and more. All free with your paid admission! In fact, if you book a limo service in Ventura, we will buy the tickets!

There is something about a Saturday morning in the summertime. A start to the weekend with your family couldn’t be better. On August 8th visit the downtown area and enjoy the Ventura County Parade. It will include classic cars, marching bands, horses, clowns, politicians, dancers, and school groups. A summertime fun tradition that can become a memory you won’t soon forget.

limo-in-venturaBe sure to visit the Livestock Center that houses all the 4H and FFA projects and farm animals. It truly adds the country feel to the Fair and offers up facilities to the exhibitors so they can present their animals in a clean and welcoming environment. Feel free while strolling the Livestock Center to chat with the exhibitors and volunteers and ask any questions about the animals, agriculture, and their participation.

Every year we at Ventura Limousine are inspired by the fun exhibits on display in Agriculture, Floriculture, Amateur Art, Hobbies & Collections, Horse Shows, Photography, Professional Art, and Livestock.. See what your family, friends, and neighbors have entered in the Fair, or make an entry of your own! Be sure if you are looking for a limo service in Ventura to keep us in mind. Its always fun to take a Ventura Limo to and from the Fair, as there is no headache of traffic or parking and you can begin the fun when picked up at your door. Call Us Today (866) 319-LIM O & Check Us Out on YELP!


American Luxury Limousine | Ventura County Fair

Wine and Food Matching | American Luxury Limousine

LIMO-American-Luxury-Limousine-Wine-Pairing-Limo-Vinery-ToursWine and food are the best of companions and often enjoyed on wine tours; when properly chosen, each is capable of bringing out the finest qualities of the other. While wine is a bridge across which one flavor can enhance another, its versatility also allows it, when served alone, to complement a quiet evening or moments of friendly conversation. Just as we know food is available in many flavors and styles, wine, too, is available in many varieties, each with its own unique characteristics. There are numerous rules, unwritten and written, that govern the selection of wine for a particular food. The simplest of these is, as you probably already know, white wine with white meat, red wine with red meat, and rosé pretty much with anything. While the rules do exist, the most important thing should be fitting your own tastes. A person is more apt to enjoy a wine if he or she chooses what they like and not what tradition dictates. There are several reasons, however, why it is a good idea to understand the established criteria for selecting a wine. Some of these traditions are based on centuries of experimentation and therefore deserve your consideration. This article is created by our own limo wine connoisseur, whom have been with our limo services offering wine tours for over twenty years. We are a Thousand Oaks limousine service and we are proud to offer minor offices throughout Southern California to easiest serve our limo- and party bus clientele.

To our minds the first and foremost rule is that the wine which precedes or accompanies a meal should be as dry as your taste preferences allow. A dry wine tends to perk up your appetite and bring out the flavors of food. A wine with noticeable sweetness has the opposite effect on the appetite and often does not harmonize as well with the main course. A sweet wine is really at home with dessert; it is here, with sweet fruit or cakes, that its lush flavor can best be appreciated to the fullest. Limo services clients who definitely prefer a sweet wine to a dry wine may compromise by selecting a medium-dry wine to accompany their meals, at least until they may be converted to the drier varieties of wines. One motive for serving white wine with white meat and red wine with dark meat is the esthetic value of the complementary colors. More importantly, a reason is that fish and fowl tend to be light meals, consistent with the choice of a light-bodied white wine, while steaks and roasts are more robust meals and deserve the company of a full-bodied and rich red wine. There are various tasting destinations for limo services where one can combine food with great wines. Contact our Thousand Oaks limousine company at (866) 319-limo with your questions for a limousine- or party bus tour to the vineyards.

Seafood, however, is more sharp than heavy. A more acidic wine helps to soften any excessive “fishiness” that may be present in the meal, and for this reason, crisp white wine is usually the best selection. Many wine tours of ours go to the beachside in Malibu and Santa Barbara for great combinations of whites and seafood. In France they often serve cheese for dessert, and many believe that the best red wine of the evening should be reserved for the end and served along with cheese. They feel that cheese brings out the best in a red wine and that a fine red brings out the best in the cheese. Here in the U.S. this rule is often ignored or forgotten, and white wine is almost exclusively served with the lighter cheeses. According to our connoisseur at our Thousand Oaks limousine headquarters, a general rule is that white meat such as chicken or turkey pairs great with white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. Dark meat such as steak or duck go well with medium-bodied reds, such as Pinot Noir or Zinfandel. Lamb, veal, and also ham are what may be considered in-between dishes, and here personal preference is foremost. Our own tastes run along the line of a light red, like a Gamay, with lamb and veal, and perhaps a (very) dry rosé with ham. Lamb and veal are often prepared with wine sauces, and in this case a bottle of the same table wine used in the cooking is a preferable choice to accompany the meal.

Our limo services understand much is written about the selection of wine to accompany an Italian meal such as spaghetti, pasta, pizza, or lasagne. When such a wine is recommended it is more often than not because of its name (Chianti, Barbara, Grignolino) than because of any more rational criteria. Chances are that any low-priced red wine will suffice with these meals, for while their highly distinctive seasonings add much to their flavor, they can only blunt the finesse and character of a fine Pinot Noir, Cabernet, or other premium wine. Remember the varieties that usually appeal to your tastes, and don’t forget those that have disappointed you in the past. When selecting a wine in a restaurant, try to match the variety with the entree. Decide whether a white, red, or rosé would compliment the food in the best way. If in doubt, or if two or more people are ordering very different dishes, choosing a rosé  wine is an easy way out. As one becomes more familiar with food and wine comparisons and pairings, the task of matching one to the other becomes easier. The wineries served by our limo- and party bus services most often have pairing-experts available to answer questions as well. You can also give our Thousand Oaks limousine and party bus offices a call to speak with our limo wine connoisseur.

The basics:

1) Pair with the same sweetness level. The wine should always be equal to or higher in sugar than the meal. An example could be roasted pork that accompanies Riesling in a great way.
2) Pair by color. Light wines compliments light food; deeply colored wines go great with rich foods. Sauvignon Blanc pairs for instance very well with citrus fruit.
3) Pair by the similarity in flavor. As mentioned previously, similar wine and food complement each other to the fullest. An example could be sole with lemon sauce and Sauvignon Blanc. Both of these have citrus flavors and bring out the best in one another.
4) Pair by the similarity in texture and weight. Wine and food can be anything from light, medium or heavy-bodied. An example of great pair could be Chardonnay and lobster. Both of these are medium weight and also rich so they go very well together.
5) Pair the wine with the sauce. If the meal is served with a sauce, you could rather pair the sauce and wine, rather than the main dish. Meat sauces for red meat go great with Merlot, Cabernet, or Syrah. Mushroom or creamy sauces are great with Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. A light-colored citrus sauce pairs matches with Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.
6) Watch out for salty or spicy food. Keep in mind that sweeter wines will offer relief from spicy food. Riesling is always a great choice when for instance enjoying spicy Indian cuisine. In the same way, crisp wines balance salty flavors – Sauvignon Blanc balances for instance salty feta cheese or olives.


American Luxury Limousine of Ventura County, based in Thousand Oaks, offers exclusive and customized limo & party bus wine tours to areas such as the Santa Ynez Valley, Malibu Canyons, Temecula, and other parts of the great wine country found in Southern California. Our limo services are available 24/7, 7 days a week. Feel also free to check out our websites at http://aluxurylimo.com/ to learn more about our customized wine tours. Whether by a Thousand Oaks limousine or party bus, visiting the vineyards by a luxury vehicle makes for a great adventure!

Our wine tours connoisseurs are available for your questions 24/7 at (866) 319-LIM0

Wine and Food Matching | American Luxury Limousine