5 Reasons Thousand Oaks, CA Is Best Place To Live In America

thousand-oaks-caDid you know Thousand Oaks has been rated the “Best Place to Live in America?” And being one of the safest and wealthiest communities in the United States — it might be to no one’s surprise. But did you know T.O. also is home to one of the largest suburban nature areas in the country? And did you know the city is home to the largest National Park lands in the Greater Los Angeles Area? And with human history dating back 13,000 years, few people are aware of the historic importance of Thousand Oaks and the larger Conejo Valley. Having served these community for over twenty years as the top rated Ventura County limo service no one knows this region better than us. Let us present why we would indeed call Thousand Oaks the Best Place to Live in America!

5. Ancient History


The founder of Newbury Park, E.S. Newbury, lived at the current location of the Civic Arts Plaza

While many may not realize it, the Conejo Valley has a human history that dates back as much as 13,000 years! Despite being the oldest Thousand Oaks limo services and having been located here for decades, the Chumash people have been here longer than any of us and are the indigenous people of Thousand Oaks. To learn more about the Chumash and their culture and history, swing by the Chumash Indian Museum to see artifacts, a realistic-looking re-creation of a Chumash village and houses, plus a lot more! The Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center, built on the lands of a former Chumash village in southern Newbury Park, is another place to experience Chumash culture in today’s Thousand Oaks. Lots of Native-American artifacts have been found in the area, making the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA) one of the places in the world with the highest density of archeological artifacts. Native-American artifacts have been discovered other places as well; it made headlines in LA Times when bones from Chumash Indians were discovered at Lang Ranch in the 1990’s. Other artifacts are displayed at the Stagecoach Inn Museum. Having been home Chumash communities such as Kayɨwɨš, Sap’wi, Satwiwa, Lalimanux and others, Thousand Oaks has an incredibly rich Native-American history. While Chumash pictographs in T.O. and Simi Valley are located on restricted private lands, the Chumash Painted Cave State Historic Park in Santa Barbara and Painted Rock in San Luis Obispo County are two places with cave paintings open for the public to see. For more local history, visit the Stagecoach Inn to learn more about the founder of Newbury Park, Egbert S. Newbury. Having moved to the Conejo Valley from Michigan in the 1870’s, E. S. Newbury only lived in the area for a few years before a terrible drought forced him and others to move away from the valley. With its history dating back to the 1870’s when it was functioning as a hotel (the Grand Union Hotel), the Stagecoach Inn is a great location to learn more about the city’s intriguing history. While Newbury is considered the founder of Newbury Park, few may know that his house actually was located where the Thousand Oaks Civic Plaza is located today.

4. Protected Nature


Click to see a video of Wildwood Regional Park from above!

When the Washington Post in 2015 named Ventura County “the most desirable place to live in America”, one of the main reasons mentioned was its many vast protected nature areas. Featured in movies such as the Rifleman, Wagon Train, Gunsmoke and numerous others, Wildwood Regional Park is a local treasure known for its natural beauty and rich wildlife. Here the limo- and party bus clients of ours come to enjoy hiking, rock-climbing, mountain biking and the great outdoors. One of the park’s primary features is the 60 feet tall waterfall, Paradise Falls, while the Mountclef Ridge, Lizard Rock, spring wildflowers and Fort Wildwood are some of the other features of Wildwood Regional Park. Having been inhabited since 6,000 BCE, Wildwood has a rich Chumash history and was home to several Chumash villages in pre-colonial times. Occupying over 1,760 acres and bordering over 1,400 additional acres in adjacent open-space nature areas, Wildwood is truly large with trails covering close to thirty miles. Our limousine services have transferred clients to numerous trail heads, including the Arroyo Conejo Trail in Newbury Park that connects to Wildwood by crossing La Branca (the Barranca) and Hill Canyon before climbing the steep Mount Clef Ridge in Santa Rosa Valley, CA. Many LA and LAX sedan and limousine clients have recognized Wildwood from various Hollywood movies and TV-series including Dodge City (1939), Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Spartacus (1960), Duel in the Sun (1946) and many, many more Hollywood-productions. Besides Wildwood, nearly 1,000 acres of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area are located within southern Newbury Park, with hiking trails leading to Malibu and various other places. A “short” hike from here are the Malibu Canyons where our exclusive Malibu wine tours often visit the many wine-tasting rooms and wineries found here.

3. Safety


A limo at Borderline Bar & Grill

Continuously rated by the FBI as one of America’s safest cities with a population over 100,000 inhabitants, Thousand Oaks residents are significantly safer than inhabitants of most places in the United States. With your chance of being a victim of a violent crime being only 1 in 944, the equivalent number for Los Angeles residents is 1 in every 158th resident. Of Ventura County’s 31 homicides in 2016, none took place in Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park nor Westlake Village. According to the FBI’s 2015 report entitled “Crime in the U.S. 2015”, Thousand Oaks was the 4th safest city in America with a population over 100,000, only outranked by Naperville, Illinois, Cary, North Carolina and Edison Township, New Jersey. In the State of California alone, that actually makes T.O. the safest city in the state as of 2015 when looking at cities with a population over 100,000. So while the newspapers and TV-news can make any community feel overwhelmed by crime, you can fairly safely know that you are safe in our community. And with the high number of retired police officers from Los Angeles both working and living in the community, the Thousand Oaks Police Department is one of America’s best in terms of number of officers hired, cases solved as well as resources. We are proud of living and operating our limousine services in such a safe and beautiful community, and we are forever thankful to the local police department, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and all the great volunteers working day and night to make our city the safest in California.

2. Standard of Living


The Gardens at Los Robles

Having one of the U.S.’ highest medium household incomes, the communities in the Conejo Valley brag one of the highest standards of living in the country. Thousand Oaks was named the 7th richest city in America by CBS News in 2013, and had an average house listing price of $1.8 million according to CBS. A year later, USA Today rated the city as the 5th richest in the country in 2014. According to Money Magazine, the community of Newbury Park in western T.O. has the 4th highest median household income in the United States as of 2013, having an average income twice as high as the U.S. median. In other words, living in Thousand Oaks by definition means you are – if not well off – in an OK financial situation! Furthermore, with its explosive growth in high-tech businesses maybe particularly in the Newbury Park area, this community had been dubbed “the next Silicon Valley” for its many new high-technology companies and biotech corporations finding their way to Newbury Park. Amgen, Baxter, BMW, Anthem, Skyworks Solutions Inc and Sage Publications are just some of the many companies located here. While Amgen is by far the largest employer in the Conejo Valley, the second-largest employer is the Oaks followed by the Conejo Valley Unified School District, the Los Robles Hospital, Baxalta, Anthem Blue Cross, Skyworks Solutions and California Lutheran University (CLU).

1. Location


The wine-tasting bar at Malibu Family Wines

With its proximity to America’s second-largest city, LA, and just across the Santa Monica’s from the Pacific Ocean and great Malibu beaches, Thousand Oaks has an ideal location in Southern California. Furthermore, being 55 miles from Santa Barbara’s American Riviera, Thousand Oaks is about halfway between LA and lovely Santa Barbara. This is the place where you can be in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature, and at the same time, just an hour drive from one of the world’s biggest cities! Whether you are into beaching or shopping, big cities or small cities, fine dining or picnicking — you are no longer than maximum an hour away from it all. Take a twenty-minute ride across the Santa Monica Mountains to spend a day at the beach or enjoy a Malibu wine tour by the Pacific Ocean. Take an hour ride in an LAX sedan or SUV to reach the state’s largest airport or enjoy the nightlife of Hollywood with a party bus from back-and-forth from your home. Take an hour on the freeway to spend a day in Santa Barbara with the kids at the Santa Barbara Zoo or enjoy a concert at the famous Santa Barbara Bowl for a chance to see your biggest stars in action. A little ways inland from Santa Barbara is where we find the gorgeous vineyards and wine country of the Santa Ynez- and Santa Maria Valleys, arguably the most scenic beautiful wine country in Southern California. Thousand Oaks may not seem like it, but you are actually in the center of it all in T.O. with short distances to the best SoCal has to offer!

One of our limos at Westlake High School

There are many more headlines we could have added — as the Oaks Mall, the many great places of accommodation, top rated eateries, Westlake Lake, horseback riding lessons in the Santa Monica Mountains, the Promenade at Westlake and so many more places. Boasting over 180 stores, the indoor & outdoor Oaks Mall might be the most popular Thousand Oaks limo destination and is the largest and most elegant shopping mall in Ventura County. Here limo and party bus clientele come to enjoy the great shopping, movie theaters and dining. The 1,300,000 sq. ft. of shops include stores such as J. C. Penney, Macy’s, Hollister, Apple, Nordstrom, GAP, Abercrombie & Fitch, Urban Outfitters, Disney and many others. If the Oaks Mall is a little to big, why not head to the smaller Janns Marketplace for your shopping? Besides shopping, there are many great restaurants here as well. And for those who prefer beer-tasting over exclusive Malibu wine tours, try the 20+ beer varietals offered at the Dudes’ Brewing Company at the Janns Marketplace!

For whatever destination and for whatever occasion in the Conejo Valley, Ventura County or elsewhere in Southern California — contact American Luxury Limousine today to schedule your limo dream day in SoCal.


5 Reasons Thousand Oaks, CA Is Best Place To Live In America

Best Boat Tours In Malibu

Malibu-limousine-service-Malibu-limo-service-2016With its 27 miles of coastline, ocean activities are popular for our Malibu limousine service. Many of our clients make the mistake of booking a taxi service for transfers and short trips and suffer the consequences. While reserving an LAX sedan or limo for an airport pickup might seem unnecessary, but the truth is that you should always keep your safety and security in mind. One booking of wrong limos, sedan or other vehicle could change everything, so you should never hesitate to book a Malibu limousine service that holds safety, security, and your privacy to the highest standards. Besides trips to the beach and restaurants overlooking the ocean, wine tours have become increasingly popular here as well.

Ocean Adventures

malibu-limo-service.JPGMalibu is the ultimate Southern California beach town. Sometimes nicknamed Surf City U.S.A., you can find great beaches and surf in Malibu, but another recent trend for customers at various Malibu limo service companies is to go on boat tours from the Malibu coast. Malibu Coastal Adventures is a local service that offers whale- and dolphin watching cruises, tours to the Channel Islands, deep-sea fishing boat trips and various similar tours. They use a 35’ catamaran for wildlife cruises which gives you the chance of seeing dolphins, whales, porpoises, and other marine life. These tours have become particularly popular for local limousine rental services, with boats departing from Malibu, Ventura and Santa Barbara offered by numerous services. Tours are most popular during wintertime when the grey whale migrations take place, but these tours are full of wildlife-sightings year-round. If you are venturing out to the Channel Islands National Park, make sure to bring a camera and be on the look out for endemic animals found nowhere else in the world! The beaches of Malibu are another popular attraction here, being home to some of the best beaches found in SoCal.

Why add a limo?

Wine-tasting is popular in Malibu.

When booking limousines in the area, you should pick a transportation- or wine touring company that maintains a high standards of privacy. In LA, many of our clients are executives and celebrities and require additional discretion, so only a discreet LA limo or LAX sedan transfers will do. Our drivers will never divulge any information about your pick-up and drop-off location without consent from the client. Nobody will ever have access to your whereabouts. This is very important and we are very well trained, as so many out there want the next big news story. You must be sure you can trust your car service.

Some of our clients have security detail during travel, but we are well trained to keep our customers out of harm’s way. When you work with us, you will feel assured our drivers are well trained in security measures to keep our clients safe at all times. In fact, many of our drivers come from security backgrounds, which means you will be safe at all times.

In addition to privacy and security, our drivers are trained in basic first aid for any emergency that may arise. Our clients can be assured of the best care and abilities available in the case of an accident or health issue that may arise. Some may think this level of customer service is not necessary, it will be much appreciated if the extra attention is ever needed. Every LA limo driver should be prepared for any situations that may arise.

These VIP services are available with our transportation- and wine tours company, but you don’t have to be special to be treated as such. Some of our celebrity clients may need the privacy more than our traveling executives, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that only they get the treatment. Everyone who rides with any of our LAX sedan or LA limo selections, goes on a wine-tasting adventure or just LAX airport shuttle can take advantage of all we have to offer.

Most of our clients love the fact that their chauffeur is prepared to do whatever it takes to deliver the service they deserve. Our staff could help you gain entry to the best restaurants, VIP rooms, or simply plan a quiet night of wine-tastings away from the headache that usually follow you from home or work.

To get the type of VIP service that we provide, usually reserved for a select few, you can simply give us a call. Our Malibu limousine service is available to anyone, regardless of your status. You can enjoy the best when booking with a luxury provider that puts you first. Our drivers are waiting to provide you with the best and most luxurious ride possible, so start planning your next trip. Whether for a ride to a hotel, restaurant, LAX, museum, wine tours, wedding services or any other need for transportation, contact us today for a price-match-guaranteed limo ride!



Best Boat Tours In Malibu

Fun With Malibu Limo Service LA

Malibu-Airport-ServiceWhen tourists arriving in the Greater LA Area, it isn’t the Downtown smog-filled skies or traffic jams that come to mind. It is the sunny sandy beaches, blue clear skies, and the beautiful Southern California coast communities. And more often than not: Surf City U.S.A., the City of Malibu comes to mind. Tucked between twenty-one miles of shoreline, bordered by the Pacific to the west and the breathtaking Malibu canyons and hills to the east, Malibu is an oasis idealized in Hollywood TV-series and videos as Baywatch, Hannah Montana, Two and a Half Man, and to not forget, the One Direction music video for What Makes You Beautiful. Our LA- and LAX sedan and limo service has served Malibu with Los Angeles limousine- and party bus services for over 20 years.

One of our limousines at SIP Malibu Grapes for wine-tasting

As a top rated provider of Los Angeles- and LAX sedan and limo services, American Luxury Limousine is also incredibly proud to offer the largest selection of Los Angeles limousine- and speciality vehicles in the Malibu region. Once a privately owned ranch, the area was sold in 1857 and is now among the wealthiest communities found in the Greater Los Angeles region. The 27 miles of beaches found in the City of Malibu are known to be of the finest in Southern California, and the more recent development of vineyards in the sparsely populated Malibu Canyons have also made the region known for its wine varieties, which can all be enjoyed on our specialized Malibu wine tours. In this article however, we will highlight some of the favorite destinations in the Malibu area for our party bus- and Malibu limo service clientele. Whether by for Hollywood party bus services, LAX transfers, wine-tasting adventures, – you name it and we will make it happen!

Attractions & wine tours

We’ve been a top rated Malibu limo service for fifteen years

Besides the mansions and beach homes of celebrities like Cher, Mel Gibson and Lana del Rey, our premier Malibu limo service also transports huge numbers of tourists. Either it is wedding transportation, wine tours, LAX sedan to the airport, bachelorette party, or maybe just a party bus night out on town with friends. American Luxury Limousine offers exactly what you are searching for. And especially affordable and convenient for those localized within the Malibu area, the fastest emerging wine country in California has popped up throughout the Malibu Hills, the Santa Monica Mountains, and the Malibu Canyons areas. Within the Malibu region there are two officially recognized wine producing appellations AVA’s (American Viticultural Area), namely the Malibu-Newton Canyon AVA and the Saddle Rock Malibu AVA. In fact, in 2015 there are several wineries and wine-tasting venues spread throughout Malibu. All of these are covered on the wine tours options offered by the party bus- and Malibu limo service. The more popular wineries might be the Rosenthal Tasting Room by the Pacific, Malibu Family Wines in its own beautiful canyon overlooking Malibu, and the Cornell Winery & Tasting Room off Mulholland Drive. We recently transported European tourists with an LAX sedan right upon arrival in LA on a wine tour to SIP Malibu Grapes. For more information about the different wine tour options offered in the Malibu region, feel free to call our Malibu wine tour specialists at any time or day. Looking for the best wine? Best view? Wine-tasting by the ocean? Our reservation specialists will be able to answer all the questions you may have. Order your Los Angeles limousine for wine tours to the vineyards!

Malibu-LimoOther Malibu limo service clients decide to head out to Malibu for some great dining, either it being for a celebration, a date, or friends getting food after a night of bar-hopping, our reservation specialists will be able to give you recommendations and information on the great choices you have in Malibu. Among customers ordering limo or party bus services locally, some of the more popular Malibu dining options include Coogies, Neptune’s Net, Marmalade Café, Taverna Tony, Geoffrey’s, Reel Inn, Moonshadows, and Duke’s Malibu. While Duke’s Malibu is in fact situated on the beach, Geoffrey’s Malibu seem the be most popular restaurant for Malibu limo customers looking for the greatest ocean-view for their dinner. A tremendously popular Malibu limo destination is also Casa Malibu, which is one of the view lodging options in LA County located on the beach itself. So many of our tourist clients fly into LAX and utilize our Malibu-LAX sedan service to be transported to the Casa Malibu Hotel. After having serviced the City of Malibu for more than twenty years with limo- and party bus services, we can in honesty say that this might be the only Malibu hotel we have never heard a negative thing about. After having checked into the hotel and maybe grabbed a bite, many tourists utilizing our transportation service will contact us to ask about the top beaches in Malibu… What we tell them is simple: All Malibu beaches are great, but it is whatever you are searching for that should determine your Malibu beach choice. For swimming, the more cove-protected beaches of La Piedra, El Pescador and El Matador will be your best bets. For surfing, Surf Riders State Beach is one of the most famous surfing destinations in the world. For the largest beach in all of LA County, check out Zuma Beach. This beach is also Los Angeles limousine destination for cinematic tours, see below for some movies featuring Zuma!

In motion picture

los-angeles-wine-toursOver a thousand movies and television shows have been filmed entirely or partially in Malibu. Most Baywatch (1989-2001) episodes are for example filmed at Will Rogers State Beach, while also featuring scenes from Zuma Beach. Zuma has been featured in a number of TV-productions. The beach scenes in Barton Frank (1991) are for example filmed here, where Barton talks to the bikini girl. Zuma can also be seen in Planet of the Apes (1968), The Bling Ring (2013), Indecent Proposal (1993), and Harper (1996). Will Rogers State Beach can be seen in Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954), Home Invasion (2012) and in the 2012 film Stealing Roses. Up in the Santa Monica Mountains is where we find Malibou Lake, another popular destination for the Malibu limo service. Although sometimes regarded a part of Agoura Hills, it’s a popular destination for Malibu limo services. Just a few movies with scenes shot here are The Ring (2002), Frankenstein (1931), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938), Gone With the Wind (1939), Saddle Pals (1947), and many more. The lake school segment of The Ring takes place by the lake, while a little girl hangs out by the lake in Frankenstein. It is featured in both the picnic- and club house scenes in I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958). Let’s go on a cinematic tour with Los Angeles limousine services to your favorite film locations! These tours are particularly something tourists love, and we have often had LAX sedan rentals going from LAX on movie tours of Los Angeles. Larger groups can be accommodated with LA party bus services, while smaller groups can rent a sedan, SUV, or remain in style by riding with a limo.

See also: 5 Best Malibu Tours: Boat Tours, Safari, Celebrity Homes, & More!


Our Malibu limo service transports thousands of Malibu residents, visitors, tourists, and celebrities. Besides offering the top rated LAX service and Malibu wine tours, our Los Angeles limousine service also offers all other types of speciality transportation in the Malibu area. We offer a price-match-guarantee on everything from LAX sedan rides, party bus services and stretch limousines.

Fun With Malibu Limo Service LA

American Luxury Limousine | Pantages Theater

LA-Limo-ServiceHere at American Luxury Limousine we have been a top rated provider of LA limo service for more than fifteen years. One of the most popular places we service is Hollywood, which is a popular place among locals and tourists alike. The Hollywood Pantages Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard is one of those destinations our limousines visit several times a week, all year long. This great theatre has been restored to its 1929 look with luxurious and spacious lounges. The Pantages Theater now hosts blockbuster musical Broadway shows, while it has also been home to the Academy Awards for over a decade back in the 50s. Some of the famous Broadway productions by the Pantages include Cats, Peter Pan, Annie, the Wizard of Oz, Mamma Mia!, Doctor Dolittle, the Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and many more. It is a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument since 1978 and the building itself is made out of marble and bronze Art Deco architectural style. Its more than 2,700 seats, the Pantages is one of the largest and most visited theaters in Los Angeles. Its magnificent auditorium with three-dimensional ceiling creates a great atmosphere for experiencing live music and entertainment. This cultural and historical LA landmark offers numerous shows each week; we recommend that all Los Angeles Limo clients check out their calendar of events, particularly if you have not done so in a while.

los-angeles-limo-servicePreviously owned by Howard Hughes, it was the last and largest of the theaters developed by Alexander Pantages, who was a Greek immigrant and entrepreneur. It was designed by the Scottish architect B. Marcus Priteca. Its interior is magnificent, everything from the chandelier, vaulted ceiling as well as columns decorated with geometric patterns. As only ticket holders are allowed inside, make sure to check their calendar of events to find a Broadway show you may be interested in. The theatre has been featured in numerous Hollywood movies, including but not limited to the Jazz Singer (1980), Harry Connick Jr. Christmas Special (1993), Stop Making Sense (1984) and Life (2015) to mention a few. The Pantages is also featured in many Hollywood TV series as well as music videos. Rickie Lee Jones’ “Chuck E.’s In Love” on her debut LP from 1979 is one of several songs mentioning the theater. Many popular bands and music stars have entertained here, including Dream Theater, Foo Fighters and Mark Knopfler and Talking Heads. The Pantages Theatre is located by the Hollywood & Vine Metro station close to many retail stores as well as the W Hollywood Hotel all within walking distance. Many of our LA limo clients love strolling the streets here and checking out all the great shopping found in this area.

Los-Angeles-LimoNext door to the Pantages is the classic Hollywood bar, Bob’s Frolic Room. The Frolic Room has been featured in several Hollywood films such as the Black Dahlia (2006) and LA Confidential (1997). This pub is particularly popular among night or evening clients utilizing our Los Angeles limo service for a late night drink and hang out spot. For your LA limo services, feel free to contact us for your Los Angeles limo needs. We are available 24/7 and we are the top rated Hollywood & LA limo service. We also offer a price-match guarantee so you are guaranteed paying the best price there is, and we are proud to be a top rated five star company on Yelp.


American Luxury Limousine | Pantages Theater

American Luxury Limousine | Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center

Limousine-Simi-ValleyWe at American Luxury Limousine take great pride in our local community. Many of our Simi Valley Limousine clients book with us when they are planning a night out to enjoy a show at the Simi Valley Cultural Center. Is there a better way to enjoy an evening than a Simi Valley Limo picking you up at your door, taking you to a great dinner at Barton’s Steakhouse, followed by a live performance at Simi Valley Cultural Center? The building itself is amazing!

The Gothic structure of the Simi Valley Cultural Center has enjoyed a variety of owners and tenants well before being purchased in the early 1990’s by the City of Simi Valley with plans to remodel and use it as a Cultural Arts Center.

Limousine-Service-Simi-ValleyThe building was approved as a Ventura County Historical Landmark in 1981, so refurbishing it also meant preserving the historical value. The result is a beautiful structure with gleaming columns showcasing hints of its history. In the first remodel, the pews of the church were cushioned and used for main floor seating. Today there are just a few left that grace the lobby as seating for patrons waiting for the show to start. The pew ends were kept and incorporated into the new seating to keep the integrity of the original design.

There is additional preservation of past elegance as well. Some sconces in the theater, a door, and a downstairs lobby light fixture that has been in place since 1924 are all tributes to the building’s colorful past. The numerous stained glass windows, badly damaged in the earthquake, were duplicated thanks to a researcher discovering that the company that made them in 1924 still existed. Following a call to the New York-based glass craftsmen, it was discovered that the original order was still on file after 71 years and could indeed be duplicated!

Simi-Valley-LimoThe lower level lobby features the box office, public restrooms, a working fireplace, and front office. Also there is a Multipurpose Room, available for private functions, and also acts as a rehearsal space. It has a catering kitchen and small stage. The multi-purpose room has a capacity of 93 for dinner or classroom seating for 174. It leads to the Green Room or area for actors as well as two dressing rooms and a restroom.

Since the opening of the new Cultural Arts Center in late 1995, we at Simi Valley limousine have made several trips to the location. The Center has featured everything from jazz and rock ‘n roll bands to dramas and musicals, and a variety of dance group performances. It has been rented for weddings as well as film shoots, meetings, photography shoots, and private parties.

If you book a show at the Cultural Arts Center and want to make the night out a little more special, be sure to book a Simi Valley limo with American Luxury Limousine and make a lasting memory. We love this local and historic location and would love to take you there. Check us out on YELP and book today!


American Luxury Limousine | Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center

American Luxury Limousine | Ventura County Fair

limo-service-in-venturaThe Ventura County Fair is coming soon and there is so much on the agenda that you won’t know where to begin. It’s that time of year where we at Ventura Limo begin to book limos to and from the fair for our clients. Where they enjoy a musical performance, feed a goat, enter in a contest, and eat your way through lots and lots of yummy food. There are great rides to enjoy and some gourmet food and wine tasting. One can snack on carnival favorites like cotton candy, funnel cake, and spiral fries. Take a break in the fancy gardens in the Floriculture department and take an easy stroll through all the displays and exhibits. Why not enter a cooking contest? or a pie eating contest? What is more down home country fun than that. The grandstands will provide rodeos and free concerts along with many of our Ventura Limo clients favorite, the tradition of fireworks over the ocean.

ventura-limousineThere is something for Everyone at the Ventura County Fair! We at Ventura Limousine hope you will visit and enjoy what there is to offer, whether you stop by for 1 day or all 12! From corn dogs to bull riding, there is something for everyone’s taste. The live entertainment will include Rock, R&B, Country, Hispanic and more. All free with your paid admission! In fact, if you book a limo service in Ventura, we will buy the tickets!

There is something about a Saturday morning in the summertime. A start to the weekend with your family couldn’t be better. On August 8th visit the downtown area and enjoy the Ventura County Parade. It will include classic cars, marching bands, horses, clowns, politicians, dancers, and school groups. A summertime fun tradition that can become a memory you won’t soon forget.

limo-in-venturaBe sure to visit the Livestock Center that houses all the 4H and FFA projects and farm animals. It truly adds the country feel to the Fair and offers up facilities to the exhibitors so they can present their animals in a clean and welcoming environment. Feel free while strolling the Livestock Center to chat with the exhibitors and volunteers and ask any questions about the animals, agriculture, and their participation.

Every year we at Ventura Limousine are inspired by the fun exhibits on display in Agriculture, Floriculture, Amateur Art, Hobbies & Collections, Horse Shows, Photography, Professional Art, and Livestock.. See what your family, friends, and neighbors have entered in the Fair, or make an entry of your own! Be sure if you are looking for a limo service in Ventura to keep us in mind. Its always fun to take a Ventura Limo to and from the Fair, as there is no headache of traffic or parking and you can begin the fun when picked up at your door. Call Us Today (866) 319-LIM O & Check Us Out on YELP!


American Luxury Limousine | Ventura County Fair

5 Awesome Things To Do in LA | American Luxury Limo

limousine-los-angelesA limo excursion can be a ton of fun, especially if you have you friends or family along for the ride. Renting a Los Angeles limo for a few hours, or a whole day, is actually affordable. If you split the bill between everyone in the group, you may find that it is an extremely affordable way to travel in comfort and style. Looking for something to do? Check these fun and memorable ideas out!

1. Sightseeing

Sightseeing with Limousine Los Angeles can be a bunch of fun. Some people choose a standard bus tour, some walk, and others spend their time in a cab or Uber. Having a professional driver that knows the city well is way better than even a GPS in any rented vehicle.

With Luxury Limos Los Angeles, all you need to do is book and then relax and enjoy the trip. There is no need to know directions or worry about traffic. There isn’t a more comfortable, care-free, and luxury way to check out what the city has to offer.

A Los Angeles limo ride can be anything you want it to. You can party inside while going from venue to venue without any worry other than having a good time!

2. The L.A. Nightlife

Showing up with Luxury Limos Los Angeles to a local venue or hotspot will get you some VIP attention. Many times, our clients get bumped to the front of the line when arriving at venues such as:

– Concerts
– Bars
– Nightclubs

The nice thing about arriving with Luxury Limos Los Angeles is the VIP treatment that seems to come with arriving in style at these type of locations.

Another nice thing that comes with being driven in a limo is that you don’t actually do the driving, it’s left to a professional. No need to know where your going, other than the venue name, and your driver will find it. When you arrive, no need to stress about finding a parking spot either!

Unless you are a VIP or celebrity, chances to ride around in a limo don’t come around that often, so take every chance you can! Even better with a large group of friends. Enjoy the party inside the car, while your driver worries about the road.

3. Ride in Style To LAX

LAX-limoLimousine Los Angeles can make a long ride to LAX fun. Leave the traffic to us. No need to worry about parking and the large charges that come with it.

Leaving for vacation? Why not start it a bit early? With a limo you can:

•  Have fun on the way, instead of being bothered with traffic and navigating the roads.

•  Have no worry about the cost of long-term parking. It can be extremely high.

•  Have plenty of space for all your baggage, especially helpful when traveling in a large group.

If you are traveling for business, a limo is also a great reason for the above mentioned. You can even get work done on your way to the airport. All you need is a wireless hotspot and your laptop, and you have a mobile office at your disposal.

4. Celebrating A Special Occasion

los-angeles-limoParties and celebrations are a great time to book with Luxury Limos Los Angeles. The ability to cruise around the city with your friends or family is what having a party is about. Doing it in a limo, makes no worries for you, so even better!

You may have a specific venue in mind, but keep in mind, with a limo, you don’t have to go anywhere! The party is in the car. Most people have more fun in the car than at the venue they are going to.

Special occasions can be a blast, but a bachelor or bachelorette party can be a even more fun excuse to book a limo.

Truth of the matter is, you don’t need an excuse to rent one! A group of friends can rent one simply to spice up a weekend night out. It’s all about having a good time and making fun memories with those that you care about.

5. Wedding Fun

wedding-limoRenting from Luxury Limo Service Los Angeles for your wedding is the most common type of rental we come across. We don’t see the trend dying down anytime soon. It is one of the best ways to celebrate the first moments together as husband and wife. The bigger the party, the bigger the limo we can provide.

We find that wedding days can be so stressful and hectic, so having a limo at your disposal is a nice way to make sure you get from here to there, but also gives you a bit of time away from everyone and can be refreshing! A limo can take you anywhere you need to go and give you your own space.

Limousine Los Angeles loves to make special occasions even that much more special and these are just a few ideas that can add fun to any of the special events in your life. The possibilities are countless, just get a group together and book your Los Angeles limo today!


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