Planning A Los Angeles Vacation? | American Luxury Limousine

LA-LIMOAt American Luxury Limousine we get many calls from tourists that soon become our LA limo clients. We hear stories of them stuck in 405 traffic, paying way too much for a hotel room, or shivering in their shorts at the beach. 

Would you like to be a smart L.A. tourist? Spend much less money, and enjoy your hard-earned trip? If so, try these L.A. tourist trips brought to you by American Luxury Limo:

8 Ways To Be A Educated L.A. Tourist

Party-Bus-Los-Angeles1. Avoid the 405 freeway at all costs!

It is a freeway that is always gridlocked.  You can become stuck on this freeway whether it’s rush hour or midnight.  It doesn’t seem to matter what time of day, it’s always at a standstill.  We suggest you plot another route, here at LA limo we have learned our way around this huge headache.

2. Pick a great hotel that is central to all the attractions that you would like to see

Los Angeles covers a huge area, so pre-plan what areas you intend to visit and then book your hotel accordingly.  We notice with our limo service, our visiting LAX limo clients tend to stay at Downtown hotels, as they are central to everything.

Looking for LAX limo service?
Looking for LAX limo service?

3. Know what the weather is going to be like

It gets quite warm in L.A. in mid-summer, yet it always cools down in the afternoon and evening.  Dress in layers so you can be ready to add a layer as the evening comes and it cools off.  Temperatures can even vary within just a few miles.  The coast is much cooler than inland.  It may be 70 degrees at the coast, and 78 degrees Downtown.  Anaheim and Pasadena can even be hotter.

4. There are so many ways to save money on local attractions

Research online websites and compare fares and attraction discount prices.  We always suggest to our LA Limo service customers that they shop around for the right luxury limo service and then contact us to book because we have a price match guarantee and we are top-rated in the Greater Los Angeles Area.  A win-win for the client and our LA Limousine Service.

LA-LIMOUSINE5. Study geography!

L.A. encompasses a huge area.  With traffic, it can take all day to drive across from north to south.  Group your locations so that you can visit them as you are in that general area.  We have so many Los Angeles limo customers that call us with an itinerary that is simply impossible.  We help them plan their routing so that they can spend much less time paying for a luxury limo and spend more time enjoying the local attractions.  Although some customers tell us that riding around in LA in a luxury limo was an attraction in itself.

6. Know your airport options

LAX is the best-known airport, but our LA airport limo service also goes to Burbank Airport (BUR), Long Beach (LBG), and John Wayne (SNA).  LAX is prone to delays and can be very busy and confusing to a first-time visitor.  We highly recommend an LAX car service upon arrival.  Our drivers know the area very well and can get you where you need to go without issue.  What better treat than to arrive at an LAX limo or sedan service waiting for you.

los-angeles-limo7. Visit the beach!

The beach is what SoCal is all about! Our water is a bit cold, because of the Alaskan sea currents, but it doesn’t keep people from flocking to lay out on the sand.  So many love strolling along Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, or Redondo Beach.  Watching locals playing volleyball or just suntan and taking in the ocean air.  Venice beach is a great attraction for rollerbladers, runners, and bicyclists. Whatever your choice you will enjoy. It’s truly what California is all about.  If you take a stretch limo to the beach, please don’t bring back a ton of sand with you!

8. Know what to expect when visiting Beverly Hills and Hollywood

Beverly Hills has high-end shopping and is home to many movie stars, while Hollywood has many museums and the Walk of Fame.  You may see a star or two, but the reality is probably not.  Your best bet would be to book tickets to be in the studio audience in one of the LA-shot television shows.  We take tourists to the shows all the time and they always seem excited after shooting.  To see a favorite star and be on TV, what could make a better Hollywood experience?

American Luxury Limousine can help make your Los Angeles visit carefree.  Just give one of our specialists a call and let them help you plan.  How about Los Angeles wine-tasting tours? Or maybe a party bus night out? Looking for a wedding limo? or even just an LAX limo service.  Just give us or one of our family of companies a call.  We are driven to serve!


Planning A Los Angeles Vacation? | American Luxury Limousine

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