Los Angeles Limo Tours

Here at American Luxury Limousine, we get a fair amount of questions about Los Angeles city tours. 

We do several of these types of limousine tours for clients who are on vacation here and want to see all the famous sites that LA is known for, such as the Hollywood sign & the Sunset Strip.

Other popular sites are Hollywood itself, the Hollywood Bowl, the Santa Monica Pier, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, celebrity homes, and of course, Venice – And Santa Monica Beach.


But we find that many times, a Los Angeles local will request a limousine tour of this kind for a visiting relative or friend, and once on the tour, will get just as much out of it as their guests!

In some cases, it is the first time Angelinos have seen the site too!  They may not want to admit that, but we’ve heard the stories.

And that’s what we’d like to suggest to those of you who may have lived in the city for quite a while, but maybe haven’t felt like venturing out to see the “tourist” sites – dealing with the crowds and parking. 

Maybe you’ve never gone to see the Queen Mary, visited TCL Grauman Chinese Theater, or the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.  Well, what better way to see all that Los Angeles offers than in a limousine!

Sure, you can bring along an “out of towner” for cover, and pretend you’re jaded and have seen this stuff a million times (we won’t tell), but secretly you’ll finally get to see some of these really cool locations that LA is known for, with the majority of the hassles taken out of the equation.

You could do the limousine tour during the day, and then have us take you to a top-notch restaurant for dinner.  It’s a great way to celebrate an anniversary or birthday – especially if it’s a surprise.  And you’ll learn about your city at the same time.

Thanks for considering us!

We hope to hear from you soon!

Los Angeles Limo Tours

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