9 Surprising Facts About Thousand Oaks! | Limo & Party Bus Services

View of California Lutheran University (CLU) from Tarantula Hill in Thousand Oaks
City view from Tarantula Hill

American Luxury Limousine knows the ins and outs of Thousand Oaks better than most. Having been a locally based limo service here for nearly 20 years, we’ve grown to be a part of this beautiful Conejo Valley community. Besides transportation in town our limousine service offers gorgeous Santa Barbara wine tours to the rolling vineyards of Santa Ynez. We also provide nearby Westlake Village- and Newbury Park limousine services, as well as LAX limo transfers and party buses for rent. Let Thousand Oaks Limos present “9 Surprising Facts About Thousand Oaks!”

9. First SoCal Theme Park

Limo at Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Center
Jungleland was located at the site of the Civic Arts Plazs

Jungleland USA was the first amusement park established in SoCal, formerly located where Civic Arts Plaza stands today. Tourists and locals traveled far to get to here, where elephant-riding and lion shows were popular. First known as Goebel’s Lion Farm, it was renamed Jungleland in the mid 1920’s and remained open until 1969. The park closed due to heavy competition from other theme parks, mostly due to the rising popularity of Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm.

8. Gift From Bob Hope

Did you know Thousand Oaks residents were given a 360-acre natural preserve as a gift from Bob Hope? Located in Newbury Park, Hope Nature Preserve is beautiful and can be accessed from Lynn Oaks Park on 359 Capitan St. Situated in southeastern Newbury Park, the nature preserve sits between Hidden Valley to the south and Newbury Park to the north. The Los Robles Trail goes through the preserve and connects to various park lands throughout Conejo Valley.

7. SoCal’s Largest Library

Grant R. Brimhall Library is over 80,000 sq. ft. and offers nearly 400,000 books. Although not exactly a sought-after limo destination for our service, it’s by far the biggest library in Ventura County and arguably in all of SoCal. The American Radio Archive is something worth looking into, a library museum dedicated to the history of radio.

6. 4th Safest American City

We all know Thousand Oaks is pretty safe. But few may know we are also amongst the safest in the U.S. Named the fourth-safest city in the nation by The FBI in 2013, the U.S. murder rate is seven times higher than in T.O.! Not one homicide was registered in Conejo Valley in 2016.

5. America’s Biggest Urban National Park

Santa Monica Mountains in Newbury Park, California
Santa Monica Mountains

Over 920 acres of America’s biggest urban national park is within city limits. Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is found in southern parts of Newbury Park. The waterfall, Boney Mountain, Satwiwa and Sycamore Canyon are a few things worth checking out. Although the Santa Monica’s may most often be visited for Malibu wine tours, our service has also taken clients here for wedding photos and even horseback-riding at Rocking K Horse Rentals in Newbury Park.

4. Ventura County’s Largest Mall

With nearly 200 shops, The Oaks is the largest mall found in Ventura County. Its two-stories of shops, restaurants and a movie theater is one of the city’s most popular destinations for our service. Booking limos to The Oaks is far from uncommon!

3. World’s Largest Biotech Firm

Did you know that Amgen is the world’s largest biotechnology firm? Situated in Newbury Park, it is also the city and valley’s largest employer.

2. 4th-Richest Community in America

You probably knew that the Conejo Valley is home to affluent communities. But few may know just how wealthy these communities are. According to USA Today in 2014, the Greater Thousand Oaks Area was named the 5th most affluent region in America. T.O. was ranked 7th richest U.S. city by CBS as of 2013. Newbury Park more specifically was ranked the 4th richest place in America by Money Magazine a few years earlier.

1.  2,000 Year-Old Pictographs

Limo service in Thousand Oaks, CAMost limo clients may be surprised to hear that T.O. is home to over 2,000 year-old Chumash Native-American pictographs. Located at the Chumash Indian Museum, you can get local docent-led tours to the cave-paintings on Lang Ranch Pkwy. This museum also offers replicas of traditional Chumash houses and artifact displays. You can learn more about the city’s Chumash history at the Stagecoach Inn Museum and Satwiwa Indian Center in Newbury Park.

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So for whatever occasion and destination, let our Thousand Oaks limos get you there in luxury, style and utmost comfort. Our T.O.-, Newbury Park and Westlake Village limo service is top rated and serves all of Southern California. Our service offers an exclusive lowest-price-guarantee for all rides by limousines and party buses. American Luxury also serves the nearby wine country, offering award-winning Malibu- and Santa Barbara wine-tasting tours.

9 Surprising Facts About Thousand Oaks! | Limo & Party Bus Services

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lax-limousine-service-lax-airport-limo-service-LAX-limoUs at American Luxury Limousine are pleased to have provided price-match-guaranteed airport transfers throughout Southern California for more than fifteen years. Our luxury transportation services are also top rated with various locations to quicker and better serve our clients where they are. Being headquartered in Westlake Village, we service all of LA, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties. So whether you are looking for a Santa Barbara limo service for your airport transportation, or maybe just a local LAX limo, party bus, sedan or SUV? We will be able to accommodate your needs and serve you in a professional matter. All of our drivers utilize flight trackers to make sure all airport transfers are done in a timely fashion, and we are proud of being the most reliable LAX airport limo service in Southern California.

party-bus-santa-barbara-limo-service-lax-limousine-serviceWhen it comes to vehicle selection, you have many choices in picking your luxury transportation. We not only offer sedans and SUVs, but also stretched limousines, limo buses, Hummer limos, and other specialty vehicles. Contact us today to reserve the vehicle of your choice! Even though the more popular vehicles for an airport drop-off might be a smaller vehicle, larger groups can be transported in for example a party bus Santa Barbara Airport, LAX, or other SoCal airport. For Los Angeles International, many clients utilize our award-winning LAX limousine service for their transfer. So whether you are looking for limo bus for a football team or a sedan for a corporate meeting, American Luxury Limousine will be able to assist you in picking the most luxurious and preferable vehicle. Besides larger airports such as LAX, we are also pleased to offer transportation to most minor airports throughout Southern California. Many clients from Ventura- and Santa Barbara Counties utilize our LAX airport limo service for their airport transfers, but other airports we service include the Burbank Bob Hope Airport, Camarillo Airport, Santa Barbara Airport, Santa Monica Municipal Airport, and many more.

We all know that traveling can be a stressful thing. Especially joined with LA traffic, airport parking, flight delays, and so much more. So why not relax and let us do the driving for you? Or after hours sitting in that same seat on the airplane, wouldn’t it be nice to be chauffeured home in a luxurious limousine? Or how about a party bus Santa Barbara with friends after a long flight? With numerous locations spread through Southern California, American Luxury Limousine is a top rated alternative for anyone seeking luxury transportation in SoCal. For example, with our facilities at Santa Barbara County Limousine, we are able to offer our Santa Barbara limo service in a timely matter by being close to our clientele in Santa Barbara. If you are ready to reserve your airport transportation today, feel free to contact our airport and LAX limousine service at toll-free number (866) 319-LIM O. Limousine reservations can also be done through our websites. We are looking forward to be hearing from you!

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American Luxury Limousine | Pantages Theater

LA-Limo-ServiceHere at American Luxury Limousine we have been a top rated provider of LA limo service for more than fifteen years. One of the most popular places we service is Hollywood, which is a popular place among locals and tourists alike. The Hollywood Pantages Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard is one of those destinations our limousines visit several times a week, all year long. This great theatre has been restored to its 1929 look with luxurious and spacious lounges. The Pantages Theater now hosts blockbuster musical Broadway shows, while it has also been home to the Academy Awards for over a decade back in the 50s. Some of the famous Broadway productions by the Pantages include Cats, Peter Pan, Annie, the Wizard of Oz, Mamma Mia!, Doctor Dolittle, the Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and many more. It is a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument since 1978 and the building itself is made out of marble and bronze Art Deco architectural style. Its more than 2,700 seats, the Pantages is one of the largest and most visited theaters in Los Angeles. Its magnificent auditorium with three-dimensional ceiling creates a great atmosphere for experiencing live music and entertainment. This cultural and historical LA landmark offers numerous shows each week; we recommend that all Los Angeles Limo clients check out their calendar of events, particularly if you have not done so in a while.

los-angeles-limo-servicePreviously owned by Howard Hughes, it was the last and largest of the theaters developed by Alexander Pantages, who was a Greek immigrant and entrepreneur. It was designed by the Scottish architect B. Marcus Priteca. Its interior is magnificent, everything from the chandelier, vaulted ceiling as well as columns decorated with geometric patterns. As only ticket holders are allowed inside, make sure to check their calendar of events to find a Broadway show you may be interested in. The theatre has been featured in numerous Hollywood movies, including but not limited to the Jazz Singer (1980), Harry Connick Jr. Christmas Special (1993), Stop Making Sense (1984) and Life (2015) to mention a few. The Pantages is also featured in many Hollywood TV series as well as music videos. Rickie Lee Jones’ “Chuck E.’s In Love” on her debut LP from 1979 is one of several songs mentioning the theater. Many popular bands and music stars have entertained here, including Dream Theater, Foo Fighters and Mark Knopfler and Talking Heads. The Pantages Theatre is located by the Hollywood & Vine Metro station close to many retail stores as well as the W Hollywood Hotel all within walking distance. Many of our LA limo clients love strolling the streets here and checking out all the great shopping found in this area.

Los-Angeles-LimoNext door to the Pantages is the classic Hollywood bar, Bob’s Frolic Room. The Frolic Room has been featured in several Hollywood films such as the Black Dahlia (2006) and LA Confidential (1997). This pub is particularly popular among night or evening clients utilizing our Los Angeles limo service for a late night drink and hang out spot. For your LA limo services, feel free to contact us for your Los Angeles limo needs. We are available 24/7 and we are the top rated Hollywood & LA limo service. We also offer a price-match guarantee so you are guaranteed paying the best price there is, and we are proud to be a top rated five star company on Yelp.


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