The Most Idyllic Malibu Beach | Limo Services

Lechuza Beach, MalibuEver wondered what the most beautiful and secluded beach in Malibu is? Having served the city with limo services for over 20 years, American Luxury Limousine has seen a lot of gorgeous beaches here. Even beaches by wine-tasting venues visited on Malibu wine-tasting tours! Whether for a party bus or limo ride to the beaches, we can get you there!

So what’s the most gorgeous, secluded and best hidden gem beach in Los Angeles County? We have come to the conclusion that Lechuza Beach must indeed be the most scenic picturesque stretch of sand in LA County. Situated far from the noisy Pacific Coastal Highway, Lechuza is nestled underneath sand rocks and hidden from the main roads. It offers some of the clearest waters, neat sand-rock formations, white sand and seclusiveness. More or less a hole-in-the-world, few locals even know how to find this pristine beach.

The immediate surrounding neighborhood is home to an array of stars and celebrities. “No wonder a limousine service would write about this,” you may rightfully wonder. Our limousines have transported dozens of celebrities to the adjacent communities here.

So how do you find this gem?

Staircase to Lechuza Beach Malibu
Staircase to the beach

It is located where Bunnie Lane and Broad Beach meets, at address 31716 Broad Beach Rd. This road and the homes surrounding the beach are home to an array of big-time stars and famous people. Public access to the beach have tried to be stopped by local residents, even by putting up fake “private property” signage. This was also covered in USA Today back in 2002. Today, the city has a marked entrance sign, installed a new staircase and placed out public garbage cans.

Just a few of the celebrities residing here are:

• Kurt Russell
• Steven Spielberg
• Mel Gibson
• Barbara Streisand
• Danny DeVito
• Dustin Hoffman
• Richard Gere
• Eddie Van Halen
• Charlie Sheen
• Goldie Hawn
• Sylvester Stallone

Want To Discover More Hidden Gem Beaches? See Top 6 Hidden Gem Beaches of Malibu!

What’s ever better than discovering this beach on your own? Not worrying about driving, configuring the GPS, but instead being chauffeured by luxurious limos or party buses. Our local Malibu limo service is a member of the Chambers of Commerce and has offered transportation service in town for over 18+ years.

Best rated Malibu beach

The Most Idyllic Malibu Beach | Limo Services

5 Reasons Thousand Oaks, CA Is Best Place To Live In America

thousand-oaks-caDid you know Thousand Oaks has been rated the “Best Place to Live in America?” And being one of the safest and wealthiest communities in the United States — it might be to no one’s surprise. But did you know T.O. also is home to one of the largest suburban nature areas in the country? And did you know the city is home to the largest National Park lands in the Greater Los Angeles Area? And with human history dating back 13,000 years, few people are aware of the historic importance of Thousand Oaks and the larger Conejo Valley. Having served these community for over twenty years as the top rated Ventura County limo service no one knows this region better than us. Let us present why we would indeed call Thousand Oaks the Best Place to Live in America!

5. Ancient History


The founder of Newbury Park, E.S. Newbury, lived at the current location of the Civic Arts Plaza

While many may not realize it, the Conejo Valley has a human history that dates back as much as 13,000 years! Despite being the oldest Thousand Oaks limo services and having been located here for decades, the Chumash people have been here longer than any of us and are the indigenous people of Thousand Oaks. To learn more about the Chumash and their culture and history, swing by the Chumash Indian Museum to see artifacts, a realistic-looking re-creation of a Chumash village and houses, plus a lot more! The Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center, built on the lands of a former Chumash village in southern Newbury Park, is another place to experience Chumash culture in today’s Thousand Oaks. Lots of Native-American artifacts have been found in the area, making the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA) one of the places in the world with the highest density of archeological artifacts. Native-American artifacts have been discovered other places as well; it made headlines in LA Times when bones from Chumash Indians were discovered at Lang Ranch in the 1990’s. Other artifacts are displayed at the Stagecoach Inn Museum. Having been home Chumash communities such as Kayɨwɨš, Sap’wi, Satwiwa, Lalimanux and others, Thousand Oaks has an incredibly rich Native-American history. While Chumash pictographs in T.O. and Simi Valley are located on restricted private lands, the Chumash Painted Cave State Historic Park in Santa Barbara and Painted Rock in San Luis Obispo County are two places with cave paintings open for the public to see. For more local history, visit the Stagecoach Inn to learn more about the founder of Newbury Park, Egbert S. Newbury. Having moved to the Conejo Valley from Michigan in the 1870’s, E. S. Newbury only lived in the area for a few years before a terrible drought forced him and others to move away from the valley. With its history dating back to the 1870’s when it was functioning as a hotel (the Grand Union Hotel), the Stagecoach Inn is a great location to learn more about the city’s intriguing history. While Newbury is considered the founder of Newbury Park, few may know that his house actually was located where the Thousand Oaks Civic Plaza is located today.

4. Protected Nature


Click to see a video of Wildwood Regional Park from above!

When the Washington Post in 2015 named Ventura County “the most desirable place to live in America”, one of the main reasons mentioned was its many vast protected nature areas. Featured in movies such as the Rifleman, Wagon Train, Gunsmoke and numerous others, Wildwood Regional Park is a local treasure known for its natural beauty and rich wildlife. Here the limo- and party bus clients of ours come to enjoy hiking, rock-climbing, mountain biking and the great outdoors. One of the park’s primary features is the 60 feet tall waterfall, Paradise Falls, while the Mountclef Ridge, Lizard Rock, spring wildflowers and Fort Wildwood are some of the other features of Wildwood Regional Park. Having been inhabited since 6,000 BCE, Wildwood has a rich Chumash history and was home to several Chumash villages in pre-colonial times. Occupying over 1,760 acres and bordering over 1,400 additional acres in adjacent open-space nature areas, Wildwood is truly large with trails covering close to thirty miles. Our limousine services have transferred clients to numerous trail heads, including the Arroyo Conejo Trail in Newbury Park that connects to Wildwood by crossing La Branca (the Barranca) and Hill Canyon before climbing the steep Mount Clef Ridge in Santa Rosa Valley, CA. Many LA and LAX sedan and limousine clients have recognized Wildwood from various Hollywood movies and TV-series including Dodge City (1939), Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Spartacus (1960), Duel in the Sun (1946) and many, many more Hollywood-productions. Besides Wildwood, nearly 1,000 acres of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area are located within southern Newbury Park, with hiking trails leading to Malibu and various other places. A “short” hike from here are the Malibu Canyons where our exclusive Malibu wine tours often visit the many wine-tasting rooms and wineries found here.

3. Safety


A limo at Borderline Bar & Grill

Continuously rated by the FBI as one of America’s safest cities with a population over 100,000 inhabitants, Thousand Oaks residents are significantly safer than inhabitants of most places in the United States. With your chance of being a victim of a violent crime being only 1 in 944, the equivalent number for Los Angeles residents is 1 in every 158th resident. Of Ventura County’s 31 homicides in 2016, none took place in Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park nor Westlake Village. According to the FBI’s 2015 report entitled “Crime in the U.S. 2015”, Thousand Oaks was the 4th safest city in America with a population over 100,000, only outranked by Naperville, Illinois, Cary, North Carolina and Edison Township, New Jersey. In the State of California alone, that actually makes T.O. the safest city in the state as of 2015 when looking at cities with a population over 100,000. So while the newspapers and TV-news can make any community feel overwhelmed by crime, you can fairly safely know that you are safe in our community. And with the high number of retired police officers from Los Angeles both working and living in the community, the Thousand Oaks Police Department is one of America’s best in terms of number of officers hired, cases solved as well as resources. We are proud of living and operating our limousine services in such a safe and beautiful community, and we are forever thankful to the local police department, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and all the great volunteers working day and night to make our city the safest in California.

2. Standard of Living


The Gardens at Los Robles

Having one of the U.S.’ highest medium household incomes, the communities in the Conejo Valley brag one of the highest standards of living in the country. Thousand Oaks was named the 7th richest city in America by CBS News in 2013, and had an average house listing price of $1.8 million according to CBS. A year later, USA Today rated the city as the 5th richest in the country in 2014. According to Money Magazine, the community of Newbury Park in western T.O. has the 4th highest median household income in the United States as of 2013, having an average income twice as high as the U.S. median. In other words, living in Thousand Oaks by definition means you are – if not well off – in an OK financial situation! Furthermore, with its explosive growth in high-tech businesses maybe particularly in the Newbury Park area, this community had been dubbed “the next Silicon Valley” for its many new high-technology companies and biotech corporations finding their way to Newbury Park. Amgen, Baxter, BMW, Anthem, Skyworks Solutions Inc and Sage Publications are just some of the many companies located here. While Amgen is by far the largest employer in the Conejo Valley, the second-largest employer is the Oaks followed by the Conejo Valley Unified School District, the Los Robles Hospital, Baxalta, Anthem Blue Cross, Skyworks Solutions and California Lutheran University (CLU).

1. Location


The wine-tasting bar at Malibu Family Wines

With its proximity to America’s second-largest city, LA, and just across the Santa Monica’s from the Pacific Ocean and great Malibu beaches, Thousand Oaks has an ideal location in Southern California. Furthermore, being 55 miles from Santa Barbara’s American Riviera, Thousand Oaks is about halfway between LA and lovely Santa Barbara. This is the place where you can be in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature, and at the same time, just an hour drive from one of the world’s biggest cities! Whether you are into beaching or shopping, big cities or small cities, fine dining or picnicking — you are no longer than maximum an hour away from it all. Take a twenty-minute ride across the Santa Monica Mountains to spend a day at the beach or enjoy a Malibu wine tour by the Pacific Ocean. Take an hour ride in an LAX sedan or SUV to reach the state’s largest airport or enjoy the nightlife of Hollywood with a party bus from back-and-forth from your home. Take an hour on the freeway to spend a day in Santa Barbara with the kids at the Santa Barbara Zoo or enjoy a concert at the famous Santa Barbara Bowl for a chance to see your biggest stars in action. A little ways inland from Santa Barbara is where we find the gorgeous vineyards and wine country of the Santa Ynez- and Santa Maria Valleys, arguably the most scenic beautiful wine country in Southern California. Thousand Oaks may not seem like it, but you are actually in the center of it all in T.O. with short distances to the best SoCal has to offer!

One of our limos at Westlake High School

There are many more headlines we could have added — as the Oaks Mall, the many great places of accommodation, top rated eateries, Westlake Lake, horseback riding lessons in the Santa Monica Mountains, the Promenade at Westlake and so many more places. Boasting over 180 stores, the indoor & outdoor Oaks Mall might be the most popular Thousand Oaks limo destination and is the largest and most elegant shopping mall in Ventura County. Here limo and party bus clientele come to enjoy the great shopping, movie theaters and dining. The 1,300,000 sq. ft. of shops include stores such as J. C. Penney, Macy’s, Hollister, Apple, Nordstrom, GAP, Abercrombie & Fitch, Urban Outfitters, Disney and many others. If the Oaks Mall is a little to big, why not head to the smaller Janns Marketplace for your shopping? Besides shopping, there are many great restaurants here as well. And for those who prefer beer-tasting over exclusive Malibu wine tours, try the 20+ beer varietals offered at the Dudes’ Brewing Company at the Janns Marketplace!

For whatever destination and for whatever occasion in the Conejo Valley, Ventura County or elsewhere in Southern California — contact American Luxury Limousine today to schedule your limo dream day in SoCal.


5 Reasons Thousand Oaks, CA Is Best Place To Live In America

American Luxury Limousine | How Does Uber Compare?

limousine-los-angelesHave you heard of Uber? Maybe used them as an alternate to hiring a taxi in the past?   How does Uber stack up against a top-notch car service in Los Angeles like American Luxury Limousine? In other words, why choose one over the other? What are the pros and cons to either service? Our

Los Angeles limo services would like to help answer these questions, so we must first look at some of the pros and cons associated with with Uber.


The Good & Bad of Uber

Limo-Los-AngelesPros: If you’re jumping between different clubs and venues during a night out in L.A., Uber might work well for you.   This is because a car service in Los Angeles will generally charge a $75 minimum, whereas Uber charges a $12 minimum for Black service. This makes Uber a smart choice and less expensive option if you have no set schedule and will be hopping from place to place very short distances. 

Cons: For longer scheduled events and outings, it’s often cheaper to hire a car service in Los Angeles, since with Uber you’ll be charged by the mile, just like a taxi. With American Luxury Limousine, you’ll just have your already quoted rate only based on the number of hours you use the service.  No additional charges for mileage and extra stops.


Understand What You Get With Uber

When it comes to Uber, you don’t exactly know what you are getting.  There are very little requirements in becoming an Uber driver.  Their function is to arrange transportation from point A to point B in private vehicles.  Uber is a technology company, not a transportation company.  They own software yet no vehicles so are subject to less regulation than most transportation companies.  Unlike Limousine Los Angeles, they operate in a very gray area. 

There ratings show that there are numerous occasions in which Uber drivers completely fail to show to their scheduled pick-up. This is a huge issue if you are trying to catch a flight out of LAX and have to arrange an alternate method of transportation at the last minute.


Our Car Service at Limousine Los Angeles

Los-Angeles-LimoMany of our clients come to use our service the first time as strangers, yet return again and again as friends.  They are so impressed and often come to know our drivers well. Our staff of drivers seem to have a following and we get requests for specific ones all the time.  We love that they have become so well liked by our regular clients. 


We here at Limo Service Los Angeles have strict licensing requirements by the government agencies. These agencies hold us to a standard and can revoke us at anytime that we don’t adhere to the rules.  Uber is not subject to the same strict regulations that other limousine services are and therefore don’t have anyone to answer to when something may go wrong.


Car Service in Los Angeles & Los Angeles Limo Pricing & Convenience

los-angeles-limoMany users rallied around Uber’s success upon launch and were fairly satisfied in the beginning, but if you pull up the more recent reviews you will see a drastic decline in the quality of vehicles and drivers.  Many are complaining of the recent price hikes as well, as they can be 5X higher during the peak hours, which makes a usual $20 ride into a $100 ride, and later the same night possibly $50.  The rate can’t be counted on as it varies so much. 

When it comes to American Luxury Limousine’s car service in Los Angeles, you always know you rate!  There is no surprise and it will never increase or decrease during the hours of service.  We do agree, the Uber app can be very convenient, and includes an easy way to schedule your ride and pay for it, but American Luxury Limousine’s App being released in the next few weeks can make it just as simple, and hassle-free.


Need a Ride? Contact American Luxury Limousine Today!

When it comes down to a choice between Uber & American Luxury Limousine’s car service in Los Angeles, the best advantage we can offer is trust and reliability.  We have been at it for many years now and have built great relationships with our clients.  That says something about a company.  While other limo companies have come and gone over the years, we continue to grow and service our clients. Our limo services can’t be beat!  We are 5 star rated on Yelp! Dont trust your ride to a complete stranger, put your trust in us!

American Luxury Limousine | How Does Uber Compare?

American Luxury Limousine | Santa Barbara Party Bus

santa-barbara-limoIf you want a memorable party, book a Santa Barbara party bus! It is not so fun at restaurants, hotels or other venues that are crowded with others.  Why not try something different? Forget the stationary venues and book a venue that moves with you, like a club on wheels, one that will make your ordinary night out an extraordinary night out!

Going mobile makes for a fun time! You can explore several venues around the local area while you are enjoying your personal fun-zone. It is a cost-effective choice with large groups splitting the expense. Planning parties, Santa Barbara wine tours, or even an LAX limousine service can now be so much fun.  There are so many options when booking with our Santa Barbara limo service or one of our Santa Barbara wine tours.

party-bus-santa-barbaraParty buses come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, some are very simple, while others can be quite over-the-top in there various options. Renting a party bus for events and special occasions has become extremely popular for kids and adults.  The party buses are very adaptable to any party theme you may have, adding to the fun and unique event that you are planning.
(Our YouTube Party Bus Limo Video Link)

Why Choose a Theme for Your Party Bus Event?

Customizing your party bus takes your fun to a whole new level. It makes more interesting and there are so many different options depending on your type of event. Just be sure that all of your guests will be ok with the theme chosen. (Kids vs. Adult party and type of guests invited)

Other reasons to consider a party bus theme:

  • it makes celebrating with your friends fun
  • it is very simple to do and arrange
  • there is not a huge expense involved
  • it truly captures the spirit of the celebration
  • party bus services a higher level of customer service

Top Themes We Love:

We are happy to help our clients when they decide on a theme for their event. Just be sure to plan and let us know in advance. so we can ensure to help pull it off for you.  Below is our top  themes for party bus fun:

1. SPORTS THEME: Game and Beer Crawl

beer-tours-los-angelesOn game day, who wants to worry about a designated driver? Party Bus Santa Barbara offers premier transportation to Dodger Stadium, Staples Center, and all other sporting venues and events throughout Southern California, including:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • L.A. Lakers
  • UCSB Football
  • Santa Anita Race Track

We can’t deny the fact that sports and beer go together quiet well! Luckily, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles are leadinging producer of craft brews and breweries of all types and breweries are scattered through the region.  Santa Barbara Party Bus offers beer crawls throughout SoCal.  Choose from a full day or split it up with a sporting event.

2. Cruise Theme

hummer-limo-santa-barbaraNext time you head for the port of L.A. to board a cruise, let Party Bus Santa Barbara get you there in comfort and style.  There is no reason not to start the party early!  The bar is stocked and the sound system awaits for your favorite playlist.  Are you not boarding until late afternoon?  How about a stop at the beach or a lunch bon voyage celebration? Take advantage of the fun vehicle you have booked and make the most of it.   There are many fun stops to be made up and down PCH and we can take you there!

The Port of Los Angeles is conveniently located and has a wide range of attractions, shops, and restaurants.  Don’t just drive by, but take the time to stop and enjoy if you want to grab a bite before boarding or do a bit of shopping.  Don’t forget to have a glass of champagne and toast to your voyage ahead.

3. Wine Tour Theme

wine-tour-santa-barbaraIf you love wine lover and are looking for a fun and relaxing time, but not-too-formal.  We suggest wine country!! One of Santa Barbara wine tours is in order! Grab you family and friends, give us a call, and take a drive through Santa Barbara wine country’s rolling hills and beautiful vineyards.  Pack a picnic basket and choose the venue of your choice to spread out and have a relaxing and enjoyable casual feast.  There is nothing like a picnic in wine country to celebrate any occasion.  Wine touring brings people together to enjoy good wine, good food, and good times!  We would love to help you plan your wine tour!

4. Gambling Theme

Limo services in Santa BarbaraChumash Casino? Whether this is a first time run to the casino or you are a regular, what a better way to go!  Arive at the casino in style, relaxed, and safely.  Bring your chips home and leave the driving to us.  If the Chumash Casino is too local, there are several just south of us to choose from.  Bring Vegas to SoCal in your Party Bus Gambling Tour.  We can help you plan where to go, but what a better way to do it than in one of our party buses.

Party Bus Santa Barbara is the best way to get the most out of whatever occasion you are planning.  Our 5 star rated Santa Barbara party bus, Santa Barbara limo, and LAX limousine service are dedicated to serving whatever transportation needs you have. No matter what the theme of your event is, American Luxury Limousine is the company that will pull it off in style, luxury, and comfort.

American Luxury Limousine | Santa Barbara Party Bus

American Luxury Limousine | LA Limo Service

LA-Party-BusMany transportation companies that provide LA Limo Service are family-owned and operated companies and will provide you with a Limousine in Los Angeles without hesitation, just be careful on which service you choose.  American Luxury Limousine is rated a 5 star Los Angeles limo service, and have been for years. From LAX Sedan service, to proms, to Los Angeles weddings limousine service – We offer it all.

Professional drivers are generally highly trained and experienced, and at American Luxury Limousine, this is no exception! We are dedicated to providing the absolute best customer service available in Southern California.  Whether it be airport service or a wine tour  – our limousine company gets you to and from the location in comfort, style, and on time! You will be in experienced hands.

American Luxury Limousine has offered airport transportation in Los Angeles for more than 15 years.

Top-notch airport service is the foundation to which most limo services are based. Be driven in luxury and comfort from your office or home. Arrive relaxed and rested, without the worry of expensive airport parking.

Our transportation is offered to and from all SoCal airports, including Los Angeles International, Bob Hope Airport, and Long Beach Airport.  Many of the local private airports are covered as well.

You can choose to make an impression on your out-of-town guests or clients with a LA limo service rated of the highest quality. A nicely dressed chauffeur will be waiting in baggage claim with a sign to welcome them on your behalf, assist them with their baggage, and take them in comfort and style to their hotel.

We are the only LA limo service to offer a price-match guarantee.
We are the only LA limo service to offer a price-match guarantee.

If you’re traveling for business or fun, you will be free to conduct business or relax without the worry or hassle of heavy traffic, baggage, or parking fees. A Limousine in Los Angeles is the perfect choice for luxury, comfort, and safety.  Feel free to check out our LA limo service on YELP and know that we offer a Price Match Guarantee.  We will not be beat!

American Luxury Limousine | LA Limo Service

Wine and Food Matching | American Luxury Limousine

LIMO-American-Luxury-Limousine-Wine-Pairing-Limo-Vinery-ToursWine and food are the best of companions and often enjoyed on wine tours; when properly chosen, each is capable of bringing out the finest qualities of the other. While wine is a bridge across which one flavor can enhance another, its versatility also allows it, when served alone, to complement a quiet evening or moments of friendly conversation. Just as we know food is available in many flavors and styles, wine, too, is available in many varieties, each with its own unique characteristics. There are numerous rules, unwritten and written, that govern the selection of wine for a particular food. The simplest of these is, as you probably already know, white wine with white meat, red wine with red meat, and rosé pretty much with anything. While the rules do exist, the most important thing should be fitting your own tastes. A person is more apt to enjoy a wine if he or she chooses what they like and not what tradition dictates. There are several reasons, however, why it is a good idea to understand the established criteria for selecting a wine. Some of these traditions are based on centuries of experimentation and therefore deserve your consideration. This article is created by our own limo wine connoisseur, whom have been with our limo services offering wine tours for over twenty years. We are a Thousand Oaks limousine service and we are proud to offer minor offices throughout Southern California to easiest serve our limo- and party bus clientele.

To our minds the first and foremost rule is that the wine which precedes or accompanies a meal should be as dry as your taste preferences allow. A dry wine tends to perk up your appetite and bring out the flavors of food. A wine with noticeable sweetness has the opposite effect on the appetite and often does not harmonize as well with the main course. A sweet wine is really at home with dessert; it is here, with sweet fruit or cakes, that its lush flavor can best be appreciated to the fullest. Limo services clients who definitely prefer a sweet wine to a dry wine may compromise by selecting a medium-dry wine to accompany their meals, at least until they may be converted to the drier varieties of wines. One motive for serving white wine with white meat and red wine with dark meat is the esthetic value of the complementary colors. More importantly, a reason is that fish and fowl tend to be light meals, consistent with the choice of a light-bodied white wine, while steaks and roasts are more robust meals and deserve the company of a full-bodied and rich red wine. There are various tasting destinations for limo services where one can combine food with great wines. Contact our Thousand Oaks limousine company at (866) 319-limo with your questions for a limousine- or party bus tour to the vineyards.

Seafood, however, is more sharp than heavy. A more acidic wine helps to soften any excessive “fishiness” that may be present in the meal, and for this reason, crisp white wine is usually the best selection. Many wine tours of ours go to the beachside in Malibu and Santa Barbara for great combinations of whites and seafood. In France they often serve cheese for dessert, and many believe that the best red wine of the evening should be reserved for the end and served along with cheese. They feel that cheese brings out the best in a red wine and that a fine red brings out the best in the cheese. Here in the U.S. this rule is often ignored or forgotten, and white wine is almost exclusively served with the lighter cheeses. According to our connoisseur at our Thousand Oaks limousine headquarters, a general rule is that white meat such as chicken or turkey pairs great with white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. Dark meat such as steak or duck go well with medium-bodied reds, such as Pinot Noir or Zinfandel. Lamb, veal, and also ham are what may be considered in-between dishes, and here personal preference is foremost. Our own tastes run along the line of a light red, like a Gamay, with lamb and veal, and perhaps a (very) dry rosé with ham. Lamb and veal are often prepared with wine sauces, and in this case a bottle of the same table wine used in the cooking is a preferable choice to accompany the meal.

Our limo services understand much is written about the selection of wine to accompany an Italian meal such as spaghetti, pasta, pizza, or lasagne. When such a wine is recommended it is more often than not because of its name (Chianti, Barbara, Grignolino) than because of any more rational criteria. Chances are that any low-priced red wine will suffice with these meals, for while their highly distinctive seasonings add much to their flavor, they can only blunt the finesse and character of a fine Pinot Noir, Cabernet, or other premium wine. Remember the varieties that usually appeal to your tastes, and don’t forget those that have disappointed you in the past. When selecting a wine in a restaurant, try to match the variety with the entree. Decide whether a white, red, or rosé would compliment the food in the best way. If in doubt, or if two or more people are ordering very different dishes, choosing a rosé  wine is an easy way out. As one becomes more familiar with food and wine comparisons and pairings, the task of matching one to the other becomes easier. The wineries served by our limo- and party bus services most often have pairing-experts available to answer questions as well. You can also give our Thousand Oaks limousine and party bus offices a call to speak with our limo wine connoisseur.

The basics:

1) Pair with the same sweetness level. The wine should always be equal to or higher in sugar than the meal. An example could be roasted pork that accompanies Riesling in a great way.
2) Pair by color. Light wines compliments light food; deeply colored wines go great with rich foods. Sauvignon Blanc pairs for instance very well with citrus fruit.
3) Pair by the similarity in flavor. As mentioned previously, similar wine and food complement each other to the fullest. An example could be sole with lemon sauce and Sauvignon Blanc. Both of these have citrus flavors and bring out the best in one another.
4) Pair by the similarity in texture and weight. Wine and food can be anything from light, medium or heavy-bodied. An example of great pair could be Chardonnay and lobster. Both of these are medium weight and also rich so they go very well together.
5) Pair the wine with the sauce. If the meal is served with a sauce, you could rather pair the sauce and wine, rather than the main dish. Meat sauces for red meat go great with Merlot, Cabernet, or Syrah. Mushroom or creamy sauces are great with Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. A light-colored citrus sauce pairs matches with Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.
6) Watch out for salty or spicy food. Keep in mind that sweeter wines will offer relief from spicy food. Riesling is always a great choice when for instance enjoying spicy Indian cuisine. In the same way, crisp wines balance salty flavors – Sauvignon Blanc balances for instance salty feta cheese or olives.


American Luxury Limousine of Ventura County, based in Thousand Oaks, offers exclusive and customized limo & party bus wine tours to areas such as the Santa Ynez Valley, Malibu Canyons, Temecula, and other parts of the great wine country found in Southern California. Our limo services are available 24/7, 7 days a week. Feel also free to check out our websites at to learn more about our customized wine tours. Whether by a Thousand Oaks limousine or party bus, visiting the vineyards by a luxury vehicle makes for a great adventure!

Our wine tours connoisseurs are available for your questions 24/7 at (866) 319-LIM0

Wine and Food Matching | American Luxury Limousine