Top 4 Malibu Wine-Tasting Venues | Limo Tours

Limo wine tasting MalibuMalibu wine tours are more popular than ever. American Luxury Limousine has transferred clientele to this region for over twenty years, and really learned and ins and outs of LA County’s best vineyards. While many head south to vineyards of Temecula or north to Santa Ynez, a local choice is the gorgeous grape vineyards- and wine-tasting sites found throughout the Santa Monica Mountains. So why head hours away to discover scenic vineyards, when pristine rolling vineyards are right here in Los Angeles County? Let American Luxury walk you through our Four Favorite Wineries here, including the pros and cons for each particular winery.


4. Cornell Winery and Wine-Tasting Room


A limo wine-tasting trip to Cornell
Cornell Winery

Address: 29975 Mulholland Highway

Situated in the former community of Cornell, CA, this wine tour destination is within Agoura Hills city limits. Located next-doors to an old-time favorite restaurant, The Old Place, this winery is perfect for combining food and tastings. Although an often stop on Malibu wine tasting tours, there are no vineyards found at Cornell.

3. SIP Malibu Grapes


Limo at SIP Malibu Grapes
Limo service at SIP

Address: 2598 Sierra Creek Road

A highly desired location on wine tours, SIP Grapes is also located the Santa Monica’s. Also similarly to Cornell, SIP is situated right next-door to a great diner. No vineyards can be seen at SIP, but their wines are often favored by numerous limo tour clients.

2. Rosenthal Wine Bar & Patio

Address: 18741 Pacific Coast Highway

Overlooking Topanga Beach and the Pacific Ocean, this wine bar is the only one located right on PCH. Few places can compete with a winery that offers its own beach walk path! Unlike SIP and Cornell, live entertainment is often present at Rosenthal. The occasional food trucks are a must. Rosenthal might be the most desired wine tour destination in Los Angeles County, at least for our limo service.

1. Malibu Family Wines

Address: 31740 Mulholland Highway

Nestled in its own canyon in gorgeous, rolling green hills, this venue is a clearly favored for many riding with limousines on tasting tours. Here you will not only find amazing wine varietals, but even a zoo and acres upon acres of vineyards. Entertainment such as standup comedy, safari tours, outdoor movie screenings and live music are common. So are the food-trucks serving fabulous Mexican cuisine to wine tour visitors. Limousines are heading here on a weekly basis, and for wine-sippers, it becomes their most beloved winery on their Malibu wine-tasting tour.

Malibu wine tours are a unique and exclusive way of experiencing Southern California. Many clients also combine their tours with visits to the Malibu Cafe. Another yet more exclusive alternative is scheduling a visit to Rocky Oaks Estate. Here you can get your own private tour of the property and enjoy gorgeous views, wines and scenery. Limos also head to a variety of other vineyards found throughout Southern California. American Luxury offers exclusive trips to Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Maria Valley (Santa Barbara County), as well as longer journeys to Temecula Valley.

Learn More About Limo Vineyard Journeys in Los Angeles!

With our limo service you enjoy a price-match-guarantee on all rides, and we service all of Southern California with our limousines. Whether for a chauffeured limo in Malibu or anywhere else in the state, give us a toll-free call today at our 24/7 limo number (866) 319-LIMO.


Top 4 Malibu Wine-Tasting Venues | Limo Tours

6 Best Things To Do in Moorpark, California!

Moorpark limo servicesAmerican Luxury Limousine has served the community of Moorpark, California with limos for over 20 years. Here we transfer people by limousines or party buses to Los Angeles, LAX and various places throughout Ventura County. Besides the traditional limo transportation, we are also a provider of wine-tasting tours, party bus nights on town, rides to Vegas, and more. Having been part of this great community for decades, let our limo services present “6 Best Things To Do in Moorpark!”

6. Great Dining

Maria's Family Restaurant on High StreetDespite what many may believe, limo outings to various eateries in town are very common. Looking for Middle-Eastern kabob? Try the top rated eatery here on Yelp, Moorpark Kabob Kitchen! How about Italian? Carrara Pastries is an Italian cafe serving town’s best desserts. This is also the best rated restaurant in town on TripAdvisor. How about Peruvian? See the exotic Amazon Peruvian Restaurant on Princeton Ave! Yummy Hawaiian BBQ has the town’s best Hawaiian cuisine, while Wood Ranch BBQ is your best bet for American barbecue. Lalo’s Mexican Food, Don Cuco and Gutierrez Mexican Restaurant are three options for local Mexican eateries.

5. World Class Golf

Known to have one the region’s best golf courses, trying out some golfing is nearly a necessity when visiting town. Style it up with a limo and a round of golf! The top rated golf courses in town are:

• Tierra Rejada Golf Club (15187 Tierra Rejada Road)
• Rustic Canyon Golf Course (15100 Happy Camp Canyon Road)
• Moorpark Country Club (11800 Championship Drive)

4. Outdoor Adventures

Happy Camp Canyon Regional Park in Moorpark, California
Happy Canyon Regional Park

13650 Broadway Road

There are over 20 parks in town, including one of Ventura County’s largest regional parks, namely Happy Camp Canyon Regional Park. This park offers 12 miles of trails in 3,000 acres of natural beauty. Nearly twice the size of Wildwood Regional Park in Thousand Oaks, this park is nearly untouched and gives a glimpse of how Southern California once looked like. The main entrance is found at the east end of Broadway Road. Wildwood Park can be accessed via nearby Santa Rosa Valley Park, a park which also offers trails to Hill Canyon and Newbury Park.

3. Visiting the Zoo

7075 Campus Road

Ranked the second-best activity in town by TripAdvisor and Yelp reviewers, America’s Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College is a must. Besides the weekly animal shows, come by any day for a chance to see African lions, alligators, tigers, tortoises, eagles, prairie wolves, and lots of other exotic species. Over two hundred animals can be seen at the zoo. Safari campout for kids are also available here during summer. While getting limousines to the zoo is not the most trending, we often have college students here reserving party bus rides.

2. Pick Your Own Fruit

3370 Sunset Valley Road

Ranked the best activity in town by TripAdvisor, Underwood Family Farms is a unique Moorpark adventure. One of the county’s most popular farms offers pick-your-own berries and fruits, live animal shows, equestrian riding, pumpkin patches, and even tractor rides for children. This is also by far the most signature Moorpark experience. Did you know this agricultural community once was nicknamed “Home of the Apricot” by the Chamber of Commerce? The first settlers in what then was known as Fremontville and Epworth were all farmers. Try a day of tractor- and limo rides with the kids!

1. Excido Escape Room

6593 Collins Drive

The best rated activity in town may be a surprise to many; users on Yelp have ranked the Excido Escape Room as the best activity in town. In this game up to six people are locked in a room for up to 45 minutes while trying to escape and finding their way out. Raise against the clock while trying to escape captivity! Particularly popular for groups of friends traveling here by party bus, Excido is also visited by limos for birthday party celebrations and other social gatherings. Why not call some friends, book a limousine and check out the escape room!

City Library of Moorpark, CASee Also: Best Movies Filmed in Moorpark, California! (#2)

For any destination by Moorpark limos or anywhere else in Southern California, choose our limo services for the best service. We now also offer a price-match-guarantee on all limousine and party bus rides in the region. Whether for wedding transfers, a ride to LAX, a night on town, wine-tasting tours, or any other event, add a limo to make your day memorable and special.

6 Best Things To Do in Moorpark, California!

Finding The Perfect Limousine

If you’re looking to rent a limo and are in the process of shopping around and contacting all the companies in your area, there are several things that you will be looking at and concerned with.

When booking a limo for your next event, you typically want all of the following things…

1. The nicest, cleanest, most stylish limo available. You want to ride in class and comfort.

2. Great customer service and a driver that makes the trip fun. You want to be treated right.

3. The best rates possible. Typically you want the cheapest price you can find.

It makes sense to want all of the above. However, if you’re shopping on price alone and are only concerned with getting the cheapest rate, you may be sacrificing numbers one and two from above.  If price is your main concern, you should be aware of the following red flags that often occur with many lower priced limousine companies…

1. Their vehicles may not be in great shape. Typically they’re going to be older models that aren’t always maintained properly. In addition, the interiors may be torn, faded, stained and not in tip-top shape.

2. They may be missing the amenities that the higher priced limo companies offer. Typically, you’ll get amenities such as TV, music, lighting, glasses, napkins, refreshments, etc. Most lower priced companies do not offer these amenities.

3. These companies often cut corners on the things that are most important…having their vehicles properly inspected, maintained, and insured. If they do not meeting the state safety guidelines and standards, then you’re risking your safety for a lower priced vehicle.

4. Because these vehicles are not always maintained on a regular basis, the basic ‘stuff’ does not always work. You may not have air conditioning, heat or music. As silly as this may sound, it does happen in these lower priced limos.

5. These companies often over-promise and under-deliver. They may show up with a different vehicle than you discussed and reserved. Their driver may be late and unprofessional. These things happen, and they can ruin your entire trip.

Price is important. And it’s critical that you shop around and book with a company that you’re comfortable with…and one that can offer you a limousine that fits within your budget. Just be aware of the red flags listed above and be sure that the company giving you the best price is also a reputable one.

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Finding The Perfect Limousine