5 Reasons Thousand Oaks, CA Is Best Place To Live In America

thousand-oaks-caDid you know Thousand Oaks has been rated the “Best Place to Live in America?” And being one of the safest and wealthiest communities in the United States — it might be to no one’s surprise. But did you know T.O. also is home to one of the largest suburban nature areas in the country? And did you know the city is home to the largest National Park lands in the Greater Los Angeles Area? And with human history dating back 13,000 years, few people are aware of the historic importance of Thousand Oaks and the larger Conejo Valley. Having served these community for over twenty years as the top rated Ventura County limo service no one knows this region better than us. Let us present why we would indeed call Thousand Oaks the Best Place to Live in America!

5. Ancient History


The founder of Newbury Park, E.S. Newbury, lived at the current location of the Civic Arts Plaza

While many may not realize it, the Conejo Valley has a human history that dates back as much as 13,000 years! Despite being the oldest Thousand Oaks limo services and having been located here for decades, the Chumash people have been here longer than any of us and are the indigenous people of Thousand Oaks. To learn more about the Chumash and their culture and history, swing by the Chumash Indian Museum to see artifacts, a realistic-looking re-creation of a Chumash village and houses, plus a lot more! The Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center, built on the lands of a former Chumash village in southern Newbury Park, is another place to experience Chumash culture in today’s Thousand Oaks. Lots of Native-American artifacts have been found in the area, making the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA) one of the places in the world with the highest density of archeological artifacts. Native-American artifacts have been discovered other places as well; it made headlines in LA Times when bones from Chumash Indians were discovered at Lang Ranch in the 1990’s. Other artifacts are displayed at the Stagecoach Inn Museum. Having been home Chumash communities such as Kayɨwɨš, Sap’wi, Satwiwa, Lalimanux and others, Thousand Oaks has an incredibly rich Native-American history. While Chumash pictographs in T.O. and Simi Valley are located on restricted private lands, the Chumash Painted Cave State Historic Park in Santa Barbara and Painted Rock in San Luis Obispo County are two places with cave paintings open for the public to see. For more local history, visit the Stagecoach Inn to learn more about the founder of Newbury Park, Egbert S. Newbury. Having moved to the Conejo Valley from Michigan in the 1870’s, E. S. Newbury only lived in the area for a few years before a terrible drought forced him and others to move away from the valley. With its history dating back to the 1870’s when it was functioning as a hotel (the Grand Union Hotel), the Stagecoach Inn is a great location to learn more about the city’s intriguing history. While Newbury is considered the founder of Newbury Park, few may know that his house actually was located where the Thousand Oaks Civic Plaza is located today.

4. Protected Nature


Click to see a video of Wildwood Regional Park from above!

When the Washington Post in 2015 named Ventura County “the most desirable place to live in America”, one of the main reasons mentioned was its many vast protected nature areas. Featured in movies such as the Rifleman, Wagon Train, Gunsmoke and numerous others, Wildwood Regional Park is a local treasure known for its natural beauty and rich wildlife. Here the limo- and party bus clients of ours come to enjoy hiking, rock-climbing, mountain biking and the great outdoors. One of the park’s primary features is the 60 feet tall waterfall, Paradise Falls, while the Mountclef Ridge, Lizard Rock, spring wildflowers and Fort Wildwood are some of the other features of Wildwood Regional Park. Having been inhabited since 6,000 BCE, Wildwood has a rich Chumash history and was home to several Chumash villages in pre-colonial times. Occupying over 1,760 acres and bordering over 1,400 additional acres in adjacent open-space nature areas, Wildwood is truly large with trails covering close to thirty miles. Our limousine services have transferred clients to numerous trail heads, including the Arroyo Conejo Trail in Newbury Park that connects to Wildwood by crossing La Branca (the Barranca) and Hill Canyon before climbing the steep Mount Clef Ridge in Santa Rosa Valley, CA. Many LA and LAX sedan and limousine clients have recognized Wildwood from various Hollywood movies and TV-series including Dodge City (1939), Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Spartacus (1960), Duel in the Sun (1946) and many, many more Hollywood-productions. Besides Wildwood, nearly 1,000 acres of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area are located within southern Newbury Park, with hiking trails leading to Malibu and various other places. A “short” hike from here are the Malibu Canyons where our exclusive Malibu wine tours often visit the many wine-tasting rooms and wineries found here.

3. Safety


A limo at Borderline Bar & Grill

Continuously rated by the FBI as one of America’s safest cities with a population over 100,000 inhabitants, Thousand Oaks residents are significantly safer than inhabitants of most places in the United States. With your chance of being a victim of a violent crime being only 1 in 944, the equivalent number for Los Angeles residents is 1 in every 158th resident. Of Ventura County’s 31 homicides in 2016, none took place in Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park nor Westlake Village. According to the FBI’s 2015 report entitled “Crime in the U.S. 2015”, Thousand Oaks was the 4th safest city in America with a population over 100,000, only outranked by Naperville, Illinois, Cary, North Carolina and Edison Township, New Jersey. In the State of California alone, that actually makes T.O. the safest city in the state as of 2015 when looking at cities with a population over 100,000. So while the newspapers and TV-news can make any community feel overwhelmed by crime, you can fairly safely know that you are safe in our community. And with the high number of retired police officers from Los Angeles both working and living in the community, the Thousand Oaks Police Department is one of America’s best in terms of number of officers hired, cases solved as well as resources. We are proud of living and operating our limousine services in such a safe and beautiful community, and we are forever thankful to the local police department, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and all the great volunteers working day and night to make our city the safest in California.

2. Standard of Living


The Gardens at Los Robles

Having one of the U.S.’ highest medium household incomes, the communities in the Conejo Valley brag one of the highest standards of living in the country. Thousand Oaks was named the 7th richest city in America by CBS News in 2013, and had an average house listing price of $1.8 million according to CBS. A year later, USA Today rated the city as the 5th richest in the country in 2014. According to Money Magazine, the community of Newbury Park in western T.O. has the 4th highest median household income in the United States as of 2013, having an average income twice as high as the U.S. median. In other words, living in Thousand Oaks by definition means you are – if not well off – in an OK financial situation! Furthermore, with its explosive growth in high-tech businesses maybe particularly in the Newbury Park area, this community had been dubbed “the next Silicon Valley” for its many new high-technology companies and biotech corporations finding their way to Newbury Park. Amgen, Baxter, BMW, Anthem, Skyworks Solutions Inc and Sage Publications are just some of the many companies located here. While Amgen is by far the largest employer in the Conejo Valley, the second-largest employer is the Oaks followed by the Conejo Valley Unified School District, the Los Robles Hospital, Baxalta, Anthem Blue Cross, Skyworks Solutions and California Lutheran University (CLU).

1. Location


The wine-tasting bar at Malibu Family Wines

With its proximity to America’s second-largest city, LA, and just across the Santa Monica’s from the Pacific Ocean and great Malibu beaches, Thousand Oaks has an ideal location in Southern California. Furthermore, being 55 miles from Santa Barbara’s American Riviera, Thousand Oaks is about halfway between LA and lovely Santa Barbara. This is the place where you can be in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature, and at the same time, just an hour drive from one of the world’s biggest cities! Whether you are into beaching or shopping, big cities or small cities, fine dining or picnicking — you are no longer than maximum an hour away from it all. Take a twenty-minute ride across the Santa Monica Mountains to spend a day at the beach or enjoy a Malibu wine tour by the Pacific Ocean. Take an hour ride in an LAX sedan or SUV to reach the state’s largest airport or enjoy the nightlife of Hollywood with a party bus from back-and-forth from your home. Take an hour on the freeway to spend a day in Santa Barbara with the kids at the Santa Barbara Zoo or enjoy a concert at the famous Santa Barbara Bowl for a chance to see your biggest stars in action. A little ways inland from Santa Barbara is where we find the gorgeous vineyards and wine country of the Santa Ynez- and Santa Maria Valleys, arguably the most scenic beautiful wine country in Southern California. Thousand Oaks may not seem like it, but you are actually in the center of it all in T.O. with short distances to the best SoCal has to offer!

One of our limos at Westlake High School

There are many more headlines we could have added — as the Oaks Mall, the many great places of accommodation, top rated eateries, Westlake Lake, horseback riding lessons in the Santa Monica Mountains, the Promenade at Westlake and so many more places. Boasting over 180 stores, the indoor & outdoor Oaks Mall might be the most popular Thousand Oaks limo destination and is the largest and most elegant shopping mall in Ventura County. Here limo and party bus clientele come to enjoy the great shopping, movie theaters and dining. The 1,300,000 sq. ft. of shops include stores such as J. C. Penney, Macy’s, Hollister, Apple, Nordstrom, GAP, Abercrombie & Fitch, Urban Outfitters, Disney and many others. If the Oaks Mall is a little to big, why not head to the smaller Janns Marketplace for your shopping? Besides shopping, there are many great restaurants here as well. And for those who prefer beer-tasting over exclusive Malibu wine tours, try the 20+ beer varietals offered at the Dudes’ Brewing Company at the Janns Marketplace!

For whatever destination and for whatever occasion in the Conejo Valley, Ventura County or elsewhere in Southern California — contact American Luxury Limousine today to schedule your limo dream day in SoCal.


5 Reasons Thousand Oaks, CA Is Best Place To Live In America

10 Most Haunted Places in Ventura County

ghost-encounters-in-ventura-county-haunted-places-paranormal-ghosts-simi-valleyWhether you believe in paranormal activity or you don’t, the excitement of haunted places sure is a lot of fun. While maybe most ghost-hunters using our limo services are heading down south, to for instance the famously haunted Queen Mary, some clients have also ventured to many of Ventura County’s haunted sites. And whether you believe them or not, Ventura County has one of America’s highest number of haunted location. In this article, let us present some of the most haunted houses, caves, cemeteries, and more.


The Manson Caves in the Santa Susana’s is said to be a haunted place.

Recently featured in the first show of the new series The Unexplained Files on the Science Channel, the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula is among California’s most haunted locations. The hotel is now registered on the US National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1911 in Bungalow-tudor style, there are numerous stories of deceased people haunting the hotel rooms here at nighttime. Having been named one of the world’s most haunted places, the hotel is a certain pick for the annual conventions for the Paranormal Society of Ventura County. Besides being the main headquarters for the American Paranormal Research Association, Glen Tavern Inn has been featured in numerous TV-series, including the Unexplained Files and Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel. Although a beloved destination for local limos for rent, we have heard countless of paranormal stories from clients having visited the hotel. Our local Thousand Oaks party bus department and others have heard stories from clients about everything from a woman singing in room 218 to people witnessing poker-playing cowboys at nighttime.


on-the-road-to-a-wine-tour-in-the-malibu-canyons-for-wine-tasting-toursThe City of Ventura is where we find numerous haunted sites, as for instance the Olivas Adobe, one of the original haciendas of the great land-grants. Currently operated as a museum, the adobe was constructed in the early 1840’s. This Spanish-inspired adobe is now a state historical landmark and on the national register of historic sites since the 1970’s. Paranormal tours of the Olivas Adobe are available throughout the year, and there are many suggestions to who are haunting the old adobe. Believed to be the ghost of Teodora Olivas, or her child Dominga whom died by birth in the early 1890’s here. Dominga was later buried on Halloween at the Mission San Buenaventura. Many using our local limousine services have reported seeing the ghost of a woman haunting the building. Another guess for who’s haunting the adobe might be Maria, a Chumash-Indian servant who worked for the Olivas family in the 1850’s. Killed by a family-friend of the Olivas family, the Chumash girl was victim of a gruesome assassination after she complained about her working conditions. The killer cut out both of Maria’s eyes, then raped her, before strangling her to death. Having been featured in the TV-series Ghost Hunters on the SyFy Channel as well as the Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, Simi Valley limo clientele and other locals often use our services to go ghost-hunting at the Olivas Adobe.


The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills is often combined with our wine tour service to wineries in the Malibu Canyons!

Yet another popular haunted destination for our Simi Valley limo- and other Ventura County-based services is Berylwood in Port Hueneme. Berylwood was built as a house by its owner, the influential politician Thomas R. Bard, who is said to still haunt his old home. We have heard from people booking our limousine services about all the ghosts still said to be haunting the old mansion, including Bard himself and other characters. One of the ghosts is supposedly Ah Ching, a home servant for Bard that was originally from China. While the ghosts of Mr. Ching is said to mostly appear the 3rd floor, Thomas R. Bard’s wife is often seen by the restroom mirrors. Maybe Newbury Park’s most famous landmark, the Stagecoach Inn, is yet another Ventura County location said to be haunted. Built during the 1870’s, the former hotel is now a popular museum focusing on Newbury Park history. Some of the ghosts said to haunt the location include Cecil Hague, one of the hotel’s former managers. While the ghost of Mr. Hague is said to mostly appear on the balcony, the herder Pierre’s ghost is said to mostly appear indoors upstairs of the hotel.


We also offer airport transfers to LAX and all other Southern California airports.

No article on haunted places in Ventura County could be complete without mentioning the California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI), which is located where the former Camarillo State Mental Hospital was situated. Operating from the 1930’s until 1997, it is said to be one of America’s most haunted mental hospitals. Several people booking our wine tour service or other services have told us about the paranormal activity centered surrounding the Tower building. Many have reportedly witnessed a female in the second story of the tower. The hospital was made famous by the 1976 song “Hotel California” by the Eagles, where they refer to the mental hospital: “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” Scenes from the TV-series M*A*S*H was also filmed here in the foothills of Camarillo. One of the reasons to why it’s haunted is reportedly because of the treatment used on patients here, including shock-treatment and more. Reports of ghosts here already began in the 1990’s while the hospital was still operating. A nurse saw for instance reportedly grabbed and shaken by a ghost while being outside alone for a break. Another nurse reported she was pulled by her hair out of a chair by a ghost. Today, many workers at CSUCI have reported equipment vanishing and many say they avoid the university due to headaches and the feeling of disorientation when visiting the campus.

luxury-limos-by-the-four-seasons-hotel-westlake-village-2016-erik-smithOther haunted locations include for instance the Nordhoff Cemetery in Ojai, with various reports of ghost-sightseeing of a young girl, as well as the Bardsdale Cemetery in Fillmore, where there are several reports of children-ghosts crying during nighttime. We recently also had a client using airport transfers from Simi that told us about strange phenomenons happening around the Manson Caves in Chatsworth Park, as well as surrounding Stoner’s Den and Spahn Ranch, a former home of Charles Manson and his followers. Numerous other areas in the Simi Valley area is said to be haunted, including the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center who was investigated by Kenny Kingston already in 1998 for paranormal activity. Others using our selections of limos of rent have mentioned the Ventura Majestic Theater, Ventura High School, the Ventura City Hall, and the High Street Art Center in Moorpark as other haunted locations in Ventura County.

At the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza

Halloween is coming up. Why not take the family on the Ghost tour at Strathearn Park in Simi Valley? These guided tours are held Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in October in the month of October. Alternatively, take the family, kids or friends to the Terror Haunted House in Thousand Oaks! The fifteen-year-old terror house is located at the Janss Marketplace in T.O., and is a popular place during October for our Thousand Oaks party bus services. For more serious lecture-, course- and tour options, check out ghost-stalker.com to see local ghost investigator Richard Senate’s upcoming events in Ventura County.


10 Most Haunted Places in Ventura County

Agoura Hills’ Top Rated Limousine Service

limousine-in-agoura-hills-limo-serviceBeing conveniently located in neighboring Westlake Village, American Luxury Limousine has serviced the great community of Agoura Hills for more than fifteen years. We are proud to not only offer the top rated Agoura Hills limo service and party bus rentals, but our limousine services also offers a price-match-guarantee to all clients. Nestled between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Simi Hills of eastern Conejo Valley, it can be considered a western entrance to the Los Angeles metropolis. Just thirteen miles from the Pacific Ocean and a gateway to the wilderness of the Santa Monica Mountains, it is also less than ten miles from Downtown LA and less than five miles from our headquarters at American Luxury Limousine at Willow Lane in Thousand Oaks.

We often have rented party bus vehicles going to concerts at the Canyon Club.

This community of barely 20,000 sits literally on the borders of Oak Park, Westlake Village and Calabasas, an area hugely popular for our Agoura Hills limo service clients. Agoura is also a popular destination for many of our party bus clients on their wedding day, with the Triunfo Creek Vineyards being a popular destination for wedding transportation by limousine or party bus rentals. Agoura is also home to an abundance of celebrities and stars, including Ray Romano, Kirk Cameron, Ron Goldman, Heather Graham, and many more.

Another particularly popular activity amongst our limousine clientele is all the customized wine tours we offer in this particular region. One of our wine tour options include destinations such as Cornell Winery & Tasting Room and Sip Malibu Grapes, both located within city limits. Our wine tours are top rated and we also offer wine tours to other areas of Southern California, including larger parts of the Malibu Canyons, the Santa Ynez Valley, Temecula, and more! Please feel free to contact us in order to find out more about our wine tours or to reserve limousine services today. Here are some of our services’ tips on Agoura: from film locations, local history, fun facts and popular attractions.

Best Place To Live?

a-Los-Angeles-LA-limo-serviceAgoura rates top notch in most. It’s an unusually safe city. With 1,550 crimes per 100,000 people, it has nearly half the crime of California as a whole (3,050 per 100/000). In other words, just three robberies took place here in 2011. In 2015, Agoura was rated “the 14th safest city in California” by SafeWise, by far outranking cities such as Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks. It has been rated one of the top 100 “places to live in America” by Money Magazine. It has been rated one of the safest communities in Los Angeles County by LA Times. According to the FBI in 2014, it has with a violent crime rate of 0.82/1,000 residents, and ranks as safer than Malibu, Calabasas and even Avalon on Catalina Island! Furthermore, Agoura was rated “the second-best place to live in Southern California” by Area Vibes in 2016. Forbes Magazine named Agoura one of America’s richest communities in 2005. According to the Los Angeles Times in 2017, the city has a median income of over $117,500. That made it the 23rd most affluent community in Los Angeles. In this rank, Agoura rates as a richer community than Hermosa Beach, Marina del Rey and even Beverly Hills!


Agoura Antique Mart

In November of 1982, when voters voted to become LA County’s 83rd city, the name “Las Virgenes” was one of the name considered for the new city. The name finally became Agoura Hills and its original city hall was a leased storefront building on Canwood Street. A lot has changed since way back then, and Agoura Hills is now considered one of the finest and wealthiest communities in the larger Los Angeles Area. Once inhabited by Chumash Native-Americans for thousands of years, Agoura Hills is a thriving suburban city with tons of history. Many of the Indian artifacts and Chumash history can also be seen at the nearby Chumash Indian Museum. A popular Agoura Hills limousine and party bus destination is also the Reyes Adobe Historical Site, which was built in 1850 and is beautiful piece of California history. In the early 1900’s, the community also functioned as an extremely successful movie location due to the Morrison- and Paramount Movie Ranches.

Movies Filmed in Agoura Hills

Sheraton Agoura Hills is one of our most frequent stops in town.

Two things most Agoura Hills limo service clients don’t know: 1) Agoura was once called Picture City after its successful Paramount Movie Ranch, 2) Movies are still being filmed at Paramount Ranch. Over 500 movies and television series have been filmed in Agoura. Few may know that the biking scene in The Karate Kid (1984) was filmed here. Behind 660 Macadam Court is where Daniel gets run off the street by bullies. The scenes when the veteran returns in Gone with the Wind (1939) was filmed here, and numerous neighborhood scenes in Poltergeist (1982) were filmed throughout town. The big tree at the opening of the film is for example located at Rustling Oaks Dr. We’ve had limo clients booking Poltergeist-themed movie tours where they have combined film locales throughout Agoura- and Simi Valley. Lake Vista Drive can be seen in the classic The Great Dictator (1940), while Triunfo Creek Vineyards is featured in the horror film Visions (2015). North Ranch on Kanan is featured in Little Big Man (1970), while Johnny Rico’s (Casper Van Dien) home in Starship Troopers (1997) is also located in Agoura. A recent trend for limo clients are cinematic tours to movie locations by limousine services. Come check out your favorite filming locales! Larger groups can reserve party bus rentals and head throughout the Greater LA Area to see movie locations.


Twisted Oak Tavern is popular for beer crawls by party bus

Paramount Studio Ranch might be the world’s most famous movie ranch and where hundreds of movies and TV-series have been filmed. Just a few of them are Gunsmoke (1955), The Rifleman (1958), Tom Sawyer (1938), The Santa Fe Trail (1930), The Avenger (1931), Streets of Laredo (1949), Son of Paleface (1952) and hundreds of others. Movie-filming at this ranch took mostly place between the 1920’s and the mid 1940’s, but many limo clients don’t realize movies are still filmed here. More recent movies with scenes from Paramount Ranch include Charlie’s Angels (1976), Van Helsing (2004), Big Bad Mama II (1987), MacGyver (1985), The Dukes of Hazzard (1979), and many more. The ranch is also featured in the episode “Grubby Longjohns” in the TV-series Lizzie McGuire (2001). It has also been used for filming episodes of Westworld (2016-), The X-Files (1993-), The Dukes of Hazzard (1979-1985), and many others. It is the location of several racing scenes in Death Race 2000 (1975), while it can be seen as a golf course in The Great Outdoors (1988). An old barn was raised here for the film Crazy Mama (1975). No wonder this ranch is such a popular destination for limousine services and party bus rentals! Click here to see a full list of movies filmed at the ranch.

The Ridge

The Morrison Ranch was yet another popular filming location in Agoura. Some of the movies filmed here include Tall in the Saddle (1944) starring John Wayne, Billy the Kid Returns (1938) starring Roy Rogers, The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (1938), Sioux City Sue (1946), The Durango Kid (1940), Sons of New Mexico (1950), Drango (1957), Hills of Utah (1951), The Hard Man (1957), Last Frontier Uprising (1947) and others. The hunting scenes in Mrs. Parkington (1944) takes place here, and many scenes from TV-series such as The Mickey Mouse Club (1955–1958) and Flamingo Road (1980–1982).

See also Best Movies Filmed in Westlake Village!

Wine tours by limo or party bus to Malibu are popular.

Whether you are searching for a local limo- or party bus rentals. Whether you need transportation for a shopping trip to the Agoura Meadows Shopping Center, a drink at Padri’s Restaurant & Martini Bar, LAX airport transfers, a wedding limo or any other destination in Southern California; our Agoura Hills limo service is available 24/7 at any day or any time to assist your reservation requests and wants. Our limousine services can be reached at (866) 319-LIMO.

We are proud of not only offering a price-match-guarantee Agoura Hills limo service, but also being the limousine services servicing more airport transfers and limo transportation than any other in the City of Agoura Hills.


Agoura Hills’ Top Rated Limousine Service

American Luxury Limousine | Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center

Limousine-Simi-ValleyWe at American Luxury Limousine take great pride in our local community. Many of our Simi Valley Limousine clients book with us when they are planning a night out to enjoy a show at the Simi Valley Cultural Center. Is there a better way to enjoy an evening than a Simi Valley Limo picking you up at your door, taking you to a great dinner at Barton’s Steakhouse, followed by a live performance at Simi Valley Cultural Center? The building itself is amazing!

The Gothic structure of the Simi Valley Cultural Center has enjoyed a variety of owners and tenants well before being purchased in the early 1990’s by the City of Simi Valley with plans to remodel and use it as a Cultural Arts Center.

Limousine-Service-Simi-ValleyThe building was approved as a Ventura County Historical Landmark in 1981, so refurbishing it also meant preserving the historical value. The result is a beautiful structure with gleaming columns showcasing hints of its history. In the first remodel, the pews of the church were cushioned and used for main floor seating. Today there are just a few left that grace the lobby as seating for patrons waiting for the show to start. The pew ends were kept and incorporated into the new seating to keep the integrity of the original design.

There is additional preservation of past elegance as well. Some sconces in the theater, a door, and a downstairs lobby light fixture that has been in place since 1924 are all tributes to the building’s colorful past. The numerous stained glass windows, badly damaged in the earthquake, were duplicated thanks to a researcher discovering that the company that made them in 1924 still existed. Following a call to the New York-based glass craftsmen, it was discovered that the original order was still on file after 71 years and could indeed be duplicated!

Simi-Valley-LimoThe lower level lobby features the box office, public restrooms, a working fireplace, and front office. Also there is a Multipurpose Room, available for private functions, and also acts as a rehearsal space. It has a catering kitchen and small stage. The multi-purpose room has a capacity of 93 for dinner or classroom seating for 174. It leads to the Green Room or area for actors as well as two dressing rooms and a restroom.

Since the opening of the new Cultural Arts Center in late 1995, we at Simi Valley limousine have made several trips to the location. The Center has featured everything from jazz and rock ‘n roll bands to dramas and musicals, and a variety of dance group performances. It has been rented for weddings as well as film shoots, meetings, photography shoots, and private parties.

If you book a show at the Cultural Arts Center and want to make the night out a little more special, be sure to book a Simi Valley limo with American Luxury Limousine and make a lasting memory. We love this local and historic location and would love to take you there. Check us out on YELP and book today!


American Luxury Limousine | Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center

A Limousine Is Like A Night In Vegas

An evening in a limousine can sort of be like spending an evening in Las Vegas…

You may be asking – How is that even possible?

Renting a limousine today is far beyond the benefit of transportation. It is celebrating the special occasion with comfort and style. Limousine rental companies have made possible for everyone to hire a limo for their personal celebrations, wild parties and weekend chill-outs.

Party people are ideal for a limousine ride. The royal feeling present in the back of a limo along with the privacy is one of the best reasons why renting a limo is usually compared to a night in Vegas.

But, why exactly a limousine party?

A limousine party is a special event. It is a mobile affair of driving around the town while partying hard. The trip to the location in a limo is exactly the party! Whether your choice is to enjoy or relax in elegant style or dance and drink till the morning, the party never has to stop! It will just keep on moving along with the luxury limousine.

A trip to the casino was never so classy and exciting. Picking up every single one of your friends in the special party zone limo will guarantee you positive mood to the ultimate destination – the casino. Partying and gambling as if you are in Las Vegas are always a reality in a royal limousine!

Drinking and driving is also a thing that is evaded once partying is set into a limo. Picking everyone up from their homes and returning them back safely will cost a bunch with any kind of transport. A limousine for rent takes up all of the worries – transporting or driving you around the city with style, class and comfort. This combination, spiced up with partying ‘on the move’ will be a moment that everyone will remember.

Renting a stretch limousine guarantees several more things apart from comfort and style. It allows living up to the feeling in the moment, partying hard with many unforgettable memories. Suitable for bachelor or bachelorette parties, wedding occasions, prom nights or simple nights filled with enthusiasm, partying in a limo for rent is surely one of the things everyone must try out.

The most popular choices of stretch limousines for rent are the Chrysler 300C Stretch Limo and the Hummer Stretch Limousine. Their interior is sleek and modern, making them the ultimate choice for many people.

“What happens inside the limo stays inside the limo,” says Mark Christiansen, owner of American Luxury Limousine. With that creed, it’s no wonder Christiansen has been able to provide transportation to dozens of celebrities–including Anne Hathaway, Rod Stewart, Jane Fonda, Gene Simmons, Kim Kardashian, Julia Roberts, and Michael Bolton to name a few. “They have to put up with people in public, on the airplanes, and at the airports,” said Christiansen. “It’s quiet time for them, and we try to respect that.”

And on the question: “What is the most lavish requests from a client?” as well as many others, we will proudly give out the answers.

For one client, we set up a horseback ride on the beach in Malibu, followed by a hot air balloon ride. Another client requested our services to set up a safari wine tour with picnic dinner proposal and a helicopter landing to sweep the newly engaged couple away.

“The most unusual experience?”

One client had us transport her nine cats to their new home in Las Vegas in one of our stretch limousines.

“The most memorable experience?”

Picking up the President of a foreign nation and the Secret Service having us use code words and fake names for heightened security.

“And finally, what is the worst experience you’ve ever had?”

“We’ve never had a nightmare trip,” Christiansen said. “We have been very lucky.”

Whether it is combined with a special event, occasion, pub crawl or just for fun, a party limo is always a perfect choice for unforgettable memories. Wild events become reality and exotic ones live up to the highest standards. You can attend a party with or have a party within!

One thing is for sure – the party never has to stop just until you are home safely.

American Luxury Limousine is located in Westlake Village, CA and has been an industry leader for over 15 years. In a world void of customer service, they take great pride in their dedication to it; delivered with a sense of great pride, warmth, and company spirit.

A Limousine Is Like A Night In Vegas