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Malibu-Airport-ServiceWhen tourists arrive in the Greater LA Area, it isn’t the Downtown smog-filled skies or traffic jams that come to mind. It is the sunny sandy beaches, blue clear skies, and the beautiful Southern California coastal communities. And more often than not: Surf City U.S.A., the City of Malibu comes to mind.

An intro to Malibu

Tucked between twenty-one miles of shoreline, bordered by the Pacific to the west and the breathtaking Malibu canyons and hills to the east, Malibu is an oasis idealized in Hollywood TV series and videos such as Baywatch, Hannah Montana, Two and a Half Man, and do not forget, the One Direction music video for What Makes You Beautiful. Our LA- and LAX sedan and limo service has served Malibu with Los Angeles limousine- and party bus services for over 20 years.

One of our limousines at SIP Malibu Grapes for wine-tasting

As a top-rated provider of Los Angeles- and LAX sedan and limo services, American Luxury Limousine is also incredibly proud to offer the largest selection of Los Angeles limousines- and specialty vehicles in the Malibu region. Once a privately owned ranch, the area was sold in 1857 and is now among the wealthiest communities found in the Greater Los Angeles region. The 27 miles of beaches found in the City of Malibu are known to be of the finest in Southern California, and the more recent development of vineyards in the sparsely populated Malibu Canyons have also made the region known for its wine varieties, which can all be enjoyed on our specialized Malibu wine tours.

In this article, however, we will highlight some of the favorite destinations in the Malibu area for our party bus- and Malibu limo service clientele. Whether by for Hollywood party bus services, LAX transfers, wine-tasting adventures, – you name it and we will make it happen!

Attractions & wine tours

We’ve been a top-rated Malibu limo service for fifteen years

Besides the mansions and beach homes of celebrities like Cher, Mel Gibson, and Lana del Rey, our premier Malibu limo service also transports huge numbers of tourists. Either it is wedding transportation, wine tours, an LAX sedan to the airport, a bachelorette party, or maybe just a party bus night out on town with friends. American Luxury Limousine offers exactly what you are searching for. And especially affordable and convenient for those localized within the Malibu area, the fastest emerging wine country in California has popped up throughout the Malibu Hills, the Santa Monica Mountains, and the Malibu Canyons areas.

Within the Malibu region, there are two officially recognized wine-producing appellations AVAs (American Viticultural Area), namely the Malibu-Newton Canyon AVA and the Saddle Rock Malibu AVA. In fact, in 2015 there are several wineries and wine-tasting venues spread throughout Malibu. All of these are covered on the wine tour options offered by the party bus- and Malibu limo service. The more popular wineries might be the Rosenthal Tasting Room by the Pacific, Malibu Family Wines in its own beautiful canyon overlooking Malibu, and the Cornell Winery & Tasting Room off Mulholland Drive.

We recently transported European tourists with an LAX sedan right upon arrival in LA on a wine tour to SIP Malibu Grapes. For more information about the different wine tour options offered in the Malibu region, feel free to call our Malibu wine tour specialists at any time or day. Looking for the best wine? Best view? Wine tasting by the ocean? Our reservation specialists will be able to answer all the questions you may have. Order your Los Angeles limousine for wine tours to the vineyards!

Malibu-LimoOther Malibu limo service clients decide to head out to Malibu for some great dining, either it being for a celebration, a date, or for friends getting food after a night of bar-hopping, our reservation specialists will be able to give you recommendations and information on the great choices you have in Malibu. Among customers ordering limo or party bus services locally, some of the more popular Malibu dining options include Coogies, Neptune’s Net, Marmalade Café, Taverna Tony, Geoffrey’s, Reel Inn, Moonshadows, and Duke’s Malibu. While Duke’s Malibu is in fact situated on the beach, Geoffrey’s Malibu seems to be the most popular restaurant for Malibu limo customers looking for the greatest ocean view for their dinner.

A tremendously popular Malibu limo destination is also Casa Malibu, which is one of the view lodging options in LA County located on the beach itself. So many of our tourist clients fly into LAX and utilize our Malibu-LAX sedan service to be transported to the Casa Malibu Hotel. After having serviced the City of Malibu for more than twenty years with limo- and party bus services, we can in honesty say that this might be the only Malibu hotel we have never heard a negative thing about. After having checked into the hotel and maybe grabbed a bite, many tourists utilizing our transportation service will contact us to ask about the top beaches in Malibu…

What we tell them is simple: All Malibu beaches are great, but it is whatever you are searching for that should determine your Malibu beach choice. For swimming, the more cove-protected beaches of La Piedra, El Pescador, and El Matador will be your best bets. For surfing, Surf Riders State Beach is one of the most famous surfing destinations in the world. For the largest beach in all of LA County, check out Zuma Beach. This beach is also a Los Angeles limousine destination for cinematic tours, see below for some movies featuring Zuma!

In motion picture

los-angeles-wine-toursOver a thousand movies and television shows have been filmed entirely or partially in Malibu. Most Baywatch (1989-2001) episodes are for example filmed at Will Rogers State Beach, while also featuring scenes from Zuma Beach. Zuma has been featured in a number of TV productions. The beach scenes in Barton Frank (1991) are for example filmed here, where Barton talks to the bikini girl. Zuma can also be seen in Planet of the Apes (1968), The Bling Ring (2013), Indecent Proposal (1993), and Harper (1996). Will Rogers State Beach can be seen in Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954), Home Invasion (2012), and in the 2012 film Stealing Roses. Up in the Santa Monica Mountains is where we find Malibou Lake, another popular destination for the Malibu limo service.

Although sometimes regarded as a part of Agoura Hills, it’s a popular destination for Malibu limo services. Just a few movies with scenes shot here are The Ring (2002), Frankenstein (1931), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938), Gone With the Wind (1939), Saddle Pals (1947), and many more. The lake school segment of The Ring takes place by the lake, while a little girl hangs out by the lake in Frankenstein. It is featured in both the picnic- and clubhouse scenes in I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958). Let’s go on a cinematic tour with Los Angeles limousine services to your favorite film locations! These tours are particularly something tourists love, and we have often had LAX sedan rentals going from LAX on movie tours of Los Angeles. Larger groups can be accommodated with LA party bus services, while smaller groups can rent a sedan, or SUV, or remain in style by riding with a limo.

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Our Malibu limo service transports thousands of Malibu residents, visitors, tourists, and celebrities. Besides offering the top rated LAX service and Malibu wine tours, our Los Angeles limousine service also offers all other types of speciality transportation in the Malibu area. We offer a price-match-guarantee on everything from LAX sedan rides, party bus services and stretch limousines.

Fun With Malibu Limo Service LA

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