American Luxury Limousine | How Does Uber Compare?

limousine-los-angelesHave you heard of Uber? Maybe used them as an alternative to hiring a taxi in the past?   How does Uber stack up against a top-notch car service in Los Angeles like American Luxury Limousine? In other words, why choose one over the other? What are the pros and cons of either service?
Our Los Angeles limo services would like to help answer these questions, so we must first look at some of the pros and cons associated with Uber.

The Good & Bad of Uber

Limo-Los-AngelesPros: If you’re jumping between different clubs and venues during a night out in L.A., Uber might work well for you.   This is because a car service in Los Angeles will generally charge a $75 minimum, whereas Uber charges a $12 minimum for Black service. This makes Uber a smart choice and a less expensive option if you have no set schedule and will be hopping from place to place for very short distances. 

Cons: For longer scheduled events and outings, it’s often cheaper to hire a car service in Los Angeles, since with Uber you’ll be charged by the mile, just like a taxi. With American Luxury Limousine, you’ll just have your already quoted rate only based on the number of hours you use the service.  No additional charges for mileage and extra stops.

Understand What You Get With Uber

When it comes to Uber, you don’t exactly know what you are getting.  There are very few requirements for becoming an Uber driver.  Their function is to arrange transportation from point A to point B in private vehicles.  Uber is a technology company, not a transportation company.  They own software yet no vehicles so are subject to less regulation than most transportation companies.  Unlike Limousine Los Angeles, they operate in a very gray area. 

Their ratings show that there are numerous occasions in which Uber drivers completely fail to show up to their scheduled pick-ups. This is a huge issue if you are trying to catch a flight out of LAX and have to arrange an alternate method of transportation at the last minute.

Our Car Service at Limousine Los Angeles

Los-Angeles-LimoMany of our clients come to use our service for the first time as strangers, yet return again and again as friends.  They are so impressed and often come to know our drivers well. Our staff of drivers seems to have a following and we get requests for specific ones all the time.  We love that they have become so well-liked by our regular clients. 

We here at Limo Service Los Angeles have strict licensing requirements by government agencies. These agencies hold us to a standard and can revoke us at any time if we don’t adhere to the rules.  Uber is not subject to the same strict regulations that other limousine services are and therefore doesn’t have anyone to answer to when something may go wrong.

Car Service in Los Angeles & Los Angeles Limo Pricing & Convenience

los-angeles-limoMany users rallied around Uber’s success upon launch and were fairly satisfied in the beginning, but if you pull up the more recent reviews you will see a drastic decline in the quality of vehicles and drivers.  Many are complaining of the recent price hikes as well, as they can be 5X higher during the peak hours, which makes a usual $20 ride into a $100 ride, and later the same night possibly $50.  The rate can’t be counted on as it varies so much. 

When it comes to American Luxury Limousine car service in Los Angeles, you always know your rate!  There is no surprise and it will never increase or decrease during the hours of service.  We do agree, the Uber app can be very convenient and includes an easy way to schedule your ride and pay for it, but American Luxury Limousine’s App being released in the next few weeks can make it just as simple, and hassle-free.

Need a Ride? Contact American Luxury Limousine Today!

When it comes down to a choice between Uber & American Luxury Limousine’s car service in Los Angeles, the best advantage we can offer is trust and reliability.  We have been at it for many years now and have built great relationships with our clients.  That says something about a company.  While other limo companies have come and gone over the years, we continue to grow and service our clients. Our limo services can’t be beaten!  We are 5-star rated on Yelp! Dont trust your ride to a complete stranger, put your trust in us!

American Luxury Limousine | How Does Uber Compare?

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