A Limousine Is Like A Night In Vegas

An evening in a limousine can sort of be like spending an evening in Las Vegas…

You may be asking – How is that even possible?

Renting a limousine today is far beyond the benefit of transportation. It is celebrating the special occasion with comfort and style. Limousine rental companies have made it possible for everyone to hire a limo for their personal celebrations, wild parties, and weekend chill-outs.

Party people are ideal for a limousine ride. The royal feeling present in the back of a limo along with the privacy is one of the best reasons why renting a limo is usually compared to a night in Vegas.

But, why exactly a limousine party?

A limousine party is a special event. It is a mobile affair of driving around the town while partying hard. The trip to the location in a limo is exactly the party! Whether your choice is to enjoy or relax in elegant style or dance and drink till the morning, the party never has to stop! It will just keep on moving along with the luxury limousine.

A trip to the casino was never so classy and exciting. Picking up every single one of your friends in the special party zone limo will guarantee you a positive mood for the ultimate destination – the casino. Partying and gambling as if you are in Las Vegas is always a reality in a royal limousine!

Drinking and driving are also a thing that is evaded once partying is set into a limo. Picking everyone up from their homes and returning them back safely will cost a bunch with any kind of transport. A limousine for rent takes up all of the worries – transporting or driving you around the city with style, class, and comfort. This combination, spiced up with partying ‘on the move’ will be a moment that everyone will remember.

Renting a stretch limousine guarantees several more things apart from comfort and style. It allows living up to the feeling at the moment, partying hard with many unforgettable memories. Suitable for bachelor or bachelorette parties, wedding occasions, prom nights, or simple nights filled with enthusiasm, partying in a limo for rent is surely one of the things everyone must try out.

The most popular choices of stretch limousines for rent are the Chrysler 300C Stretch Limo and the Hummer Stretch Limousine. Their interior is sleek and modern, making them the ultimate choice for many people.

“What happens inside the limo stays inside the limo,” says Mark Christiansen, owner of American Luxury Limousine. With that creed, it’s no wonder Christiansen has been able to provide transportation to dozens of celebrities–including Anne Hathaway, Rod Stewart, Jane Fonda, Gene Simmons, Kim Kardashian, Julia Roberts, and Michael Bolton to name a few. “They have to put up with people in public, on the airplanes, and at the airports,” said Christiansen. “It’s a quiet time for them, and we try to respect that.”

And on the question: “What are the most lavish requests from a client?” as well as many others, we will proudly give out the answers.

For one client, we set up a horseback ride on the beach in Malibu, followed by a hot air balloon ride. Another client requested our services to set up a safari wine tour with a picnic dinner proposal and a helicopter landing to sweep the newly engaged couple away.

“The most unusual experience?”

One client had us transport her nine cats to their new home in Las Vegas in one of our stretch limousines.

“The most memorable experience?”

Picking up the President of a foreign nation and the Secret Service having us use code words and fake names for heightened security.

“And finally, what is the worst experience you’ve ever had?”

“We’ve never had a nightmare trip,” Christiansen said. “We have been very lucky.”

Whether it is combined with a special event, occasion, pub crawl, or just for fun, a party limo is always a perfect choice for unforgettable memories. Wild events become reality and exotic ones live up to the highest standards. You can attend a party with or have a party within!

One thing is for sure – the party never has to stop just until you are home safely.

American Luxury Limousine is located in Westlake Village, CA, and has been an industry leader for over 15 years. In a world void of customer service, they take great pride in their dedication to it; delivered with a sense of great pride, warmth, and company spirit.

A Limousine Is Like A Night In Vegas

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