Finding The Perfect Limousine

If you’re looking to rent a limo and are in the process of shopping around and contacting all the companies in your area, there are several things that you will be looking at and concerned with.

When booking a limo for your next event, you typically want all of the following things…

1. The nicest, cleanest, most stylish limo available. You want to ride in class and comfort.

2. Great customer service and a driver that makes the trip fun. You want to be treated right.

3. The best rates possible. Typically you want the cheapest price you can find.

It makes sense to want all of the above. However, if you’re shopping on price alone and are only concerned with getting the cheapest rate, you may be sacrificing numbers one and two from above.  If price is your main concern, you should be aware of the following red flags that often occur with many lower-priced limousine companies…

1. Their vehicles may not be in great shape. Typically they’re going to be older models that aren’t always maintained properly. In addition, the interiors may be torn, faded, stained, and not in tip-top shape.

2. They may be missing the amenities that the higher-priced limo companies offer. Typically, you’ll get amenities such as TV, music, lighting, glasses, napkins, refreshments, etc. Most lower-priced companies do not offer these amenities.

3. These companies often cut corners on the things that are most important…having their vehicles properly inspected, maintained, and insured. If they do not meet the state safety guidelines and standards, then you’re risking your safety for a lower-priced vehicle.

4. Because these vehicles are not always maintained on a regular basis, the basic ‘stuff’ does not always work. You may not have air conditioning, heat or music. As silly as this may sound, it does happen in these lower priced limos.

5. These companies often over-promise and under-deliver. They may show up with a different vehicle than you discussed and reserved. Their driver may be late and unprofessional. These things happen, and they can ruin your entire trip.

Price is important. And it’s critical that you shop around and book with a company that you’re comfortable with…and one that can offer you a limousine that fits within your budget. Just be aware of the red flags listed above and be sure that the company giving you the best price is also a reputable one.

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Finding The Perfect Limousine

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